Aces in "small" and Northern Ireland… (FUND - 8.31)


** Aces in the lower divisions and the Irish north tonight our game. In the National League the Altrinham goes from bad to worse, plays half, without psychology and has three consecutive defeats. It is constantly losing ground. On the other side. The racing meeting took place Chesterfield, makes a series of four matches without defeat and tonight has the opportunity if it wins at home to get even closer to the 7th team, the promotion playoffs. At 1,80 the ace.

** In League 2 Bolton in form and from a series of victories welcomes Skanthorp, Which also comes from four consecutive wins. All, however, against some of the most deformed teams in the category, all in the lower half of the standings. On the contrary, Bolton made results with teams in the four and six. At 6 the ace

** From three matches in a row with victories and virtually complete the Cliftonville welcomes a decimated one Balimena. A young ensemble that does not have the luxury of losing key executives and this can be seen in its performance, comes out in heterogeneity and a decline in performance. He has four consecutive defeats and goes to one of the most difficult seats in the Premier League of Northern Ireland. At 2,20 the ace.


Bolton - Scunthorpe
Chesterfield - Altringham
Cliftonville - Ballymena