Uninterrupted Belgium!

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Good evening,

With a strong fund, our return to yesterday's proposals combined and we continue as strong as possible for new earnings.

In detail our suggestions from today's coupon.

Belgium has started recently and is delivering what is expected on the basis of the very high quality and full of roster solutions available. This match will face Switzerland for the Nations League and we look forward to continuing its series of victories. The ace is offered at low prices, and justifiably, however, we do not see the way it will not be confirmed, thus raising the price of our Trinity.

A very strong fight between Croatia and England. The Croatians, after their impressive run in the Russian World Cup, lost to the heavy 6-0 from Spain. On the other hand, the English are constantly showing a better image, with a very youthful and at the same time quality roster. We expect an open match with goals from both teams, with Over 2.5 having a very good chance of paying us.

He has very well started his duties for the Nations League in Luxembourg with two wins in a match. But the time has come for his first defeat in the seat of the strongest and best team in Belarus. The home team can win the title with their victory and are very likely to do so.

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Belgium - Switzerland
Croatia - England
Belarus - Luxembourg