Blinking football ...

Clean chats. Those who talk about pure championship are illiterate. Illiterate footballers. Clear conversations. If those who are really interested in the league have something to do with the subject, after all they've been sitting in football for a couple of years, then when they ask for a pure championship they are just hypocrites.

The university championship with market rules for the championship is one. Do you have a competitive championship or not. Whether or not it is pure is pure paprika. Build it first, organize the championship in such a way that the competition is to some extent dominated, and then, sir, look at how dirty it is.

I am organizing the championship, this championship on the pitch, and I am organizing it on a basis that ensures competition, so as a right businessman I ask for more money from both OPAP and anyone interested in television rights. And every other sponsor who trades and communicates bets on the league.

The first need is to reduce the number of PAEs in the super league. Basic. Very basic. This is where the upgrade of the league begins. And yet !!! PAE, such as e.g. Olympiacos does not want to become 14 teams, but to remain 16. Personal public relations of the major shareholder, to the detriment of Olympic and Olympic interests, and the league.

Championships with 18 and 20 teams may be good, very good in other countries, with reliable financial PAEs and respected footballing principles. In other countries where people go to the stadium, they pay a ticket because they expect to see their team win, but also to see the ball. In fact in Greece the 16 teams are beyond the competition. They produce championships with teams based in their villages and open the door to clamor. It is a league with teams that are not properly prepared, that have unstable performance, lack of transparency in their finances, which do not depend on market dynamics but on the wallet of the major shareholder. Teams that make unplanned player transfers that today have him and tomorrow the other coach, coach.

What needs to be done to finally stop this plaque championship? Only anyone who has an interest is entitled to speak. Only anyone who has a direct connection to the league. First of all the PAEs themselves. So the game is lost. They do not want a football and commercial league. Watching the football and the league attract new customers, the interest of sponsors, investors, advertisers.

Who are the ones who do not want the competitive championship? Who doesn't want the real championship. I'll tell you who. All. Not a single FAO wants the real chase of the league. It doesn't even go through their minds. Why; Because it fits the championship with pre-war standards.