Endless incinerator ...

PAOK is crowned champion tonight and will not have to wait for the last match to lift the mug. What better reason for lads to once again remember all the Greeks and to know those who didn't know that the team was winning the championship after 34 years, thanks only to Ivan's presence.

No more. It's enough, guys, licking the boss. To the one who pays you. And truth be told, and you feel what you say, they lose their value because you are employees. And in the finale, I imagine, the man doesn't mess you up to call him a giant and first, the blessed and most high-profile player in the team.

If I were Ivan I would have fired them all. And for a long time I would have warned those who pocket money. Cut. So far. She's gone. You expose me, you do me no good. It makes bam from afar that you are standing up.

Then there is the other. The endless incense burner on the expatriate businessman disappears ... PAOK. It takes him out of the box of success. Who PAOK? If it weren't for Ivan, the team would have needed another thirty years and put in the account to get it back. This is a waste of time, and Savvidis' mementos will not stop them.

PAOK champion. I did not understand. Did Fiesta set up tonight to celebrate PAOK, its world? Or just for the part of what he pays, Ivan Savvides.

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