The incidents for the life of Diego countless these first 24 hours from the unfortunate loss of Pimpe d'Oro. Pipe d'o. What a nickname. The only footballer I remember being described as a "golden kid". This was Diego, a golden kid. And the child remained until his last breath. 

You'll see written millions of words, but you will not find its flaws, only the golden pages. The friendly he paid out of pocket for a child. The visit to the Vatican and the "sell the fucking golden ceilings if you love children" that he had addressed to the Catholic Church.

The golden goals, the times when he transferred to… Larissa, Italy and turned it from a good provincial team into the first violin of the championship, to an absolute protagonist, to a European trophy winner.

The triumphant ones marches with Argentina in World Cup finals, winning trophies, and even his presence in Barça, where not even the butcher Goikocea was enough to stop him on his way to football.

You would read them you will already be reading these. Everything will be written. As a last resort to a huge one. Some say the biggest….

What either you will not find written, or they will remain "buried" journalistic, they are the others, the shadows. The airstrikes against journalists who annoyed the "god" in his mansion. Or rather they had not bothered him, they just ruined his siesta and his coca-blurred mind armed his hand. And fortunately the worst was avoided.

You will not find it written perhaps the fact that God had 8 children. Recognized. but he never recognized them. Diego Jr. Sinagra Maradona, the fruit of Pimpe de Oro and model Cristina Sinagra when he played in the shadow of Vesuvius, was recognized by the great four years ago, after 30 years of denying even his existence.

Like Jana Maradona, the lingerie model, whom he recognized after years, as the fruit of a night's love affair with a nightclub worker. Because no worker in any industry would deny one night with "god". Or not;

None. He would not deny any. Even years after his retirement. Diego remained in Cuba as well. Where you will read that he went and got rid of the white dust. But also meditations against power with the demigod of the proletariat, the pardoned Fidel Castro. What you will not read is about the Cubans that the late "God" stumbled upon, resulting in two more children he recognized just last year.

And more. The passions of the Great were great, endless. Coca, papers, women. Alcohol after. And women again. And scattered francs everywhere and for everything. And in the end, always remember where he came from, what was the class that adored him, that dedicated Roman triumphs to him and made him an ambassador of the working class. And that's why people never put him aside. Despite any of his passions.

Because Diego he was not only a top gambler. He was human. And he had passions. Imperfections and mistakes. But even at the height of his glory, he never became a renegade of his class. And that is why he will be unforgettable in the depths of the centuries as GOAT…