Untreated illness ...

Last Saturday Arsenal - Tottenham Hotspur 4-2. With fantastic football. Real estate. A game you see every hundred years. It had everything inside. What a lot of football can give. What do we see here in Greece? Don't say what we see.

Another England, you will say, another Greece. Agreed. It is unreasonable to demand quality English Championships in Greece as well. Even from our teammates. But on the ball, quality and high technique are not just a question. Militancy also has a reason. And competitiveness.

And two teams of non-value players and firms, if they have the same motivation, the same goal in the league, set the stage for winning the spectator's interest. Maybe we've forgotten why football is played. For spectacle only! Just to get the viewer's attention.

Sick, incurably ill is the football that is circulated in a league only to offer the satisfaction of the victory to the fan. Victory and with football not seen.

Yesterday two of our teammates, PAOK and Olympiacos, were playing. The first two in the rating. Teams, of course, for the headlines and their fans. But the applause was worthy of their opponents.

Lamia was better than PAOK. He was playing it in the half court. Panayetikos in Karaiskakis reduced to 2-1 by ten players. In the final minutes there was so much anguish of Olympiacos fans that… they were trying with a long “tho no tho…” to break Panetoliko's rhythm when he tried to approach the opponent with the ball.

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