Past Bets


Burton - Rochdale
Blackpool - Charlton
Nottingham - Rotheram

O 2,5


Crystal Palace - Brighton
Tottenham - West Ham
Leicester - Aston Villa

G / G
G / G
G / G


Everton - Liverpool
Man City - Arsenal
Newcastle - Man U.

U 2,5
2 (+ 1,5)
G / G


Stranraer - Albion R.
Ross County - Arbroath
Falkirk - Clyde



Walsall - Leyton Orient
Cheltenham - Grimsby
Hartlepool - Bromley

TG 2-3


His articles

Victory for Nottingham…

Burton comes from a 1-1 draw with Bristol Rovers. He has even the worst defense in the category with 14 passive goals. In combination with...

Goals on both sides ...

It is difficult to predict a point in today's matches, based on the image, the teams easily reach the goal ... the rest in practice.

Friendly derby…

>> Whether you see it as the ultimate derby or as it really is, a friendly derby, Everton - Liverpool after decades ...

They have no inside…

The small categories have not entered the M.Is Island is what it is ... let's go approximately:

Excellent offensives… ( PAYOUT - 7,60 )

** Blackpool welcomes Ipswich and is expected to react, after all it is a much better team in terms of games than it seems if one only sees ...

"3 in 3"

Yesterday's 3rd went at idle with an odds of (4,34) not at all bad ... the value in today's pieces that I chose is selected and you bet.

Fixed fixed… ( PAYOUT - 4,34 )

Everton in excellent form, perhaps their top for years in this phase of the league. In addition, it is always better than ...

"Klopo" used the tools of defeats

*** Brentford is going from good to better and is a healthy project in progress in England. At a time when Fulham is not ...

EFL Cup…

With every reservation, the cup matches in England do not raise a serious bet ... let's see where we will focus:

Excellent image…

»» Everton is the favorite in Crystal Palace, Ancelotti's team shows an excellent image in these first matches. Creates phases, scores, has the ...

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Upset balances…

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Upset balances…

It has rent…

Until the end…

It will break out….

Place of bet… ( PAYOUT - 5,36 )

Victory for Nottingham…

Opened at 1,70 plus…

Best project…

Last editorial

New wave…

At a time when most countries were starting or restarting their tournaments in June and July, ...

Final 8….

Preparing a team to play football is simple. Do you want about a month of intensive ...