Past Bets


Bournemouth - Coventry
Man City - Leeds
Liverpool - Aston Villa

A / H 2 (+1,5)
G / G


Blackburn - Bournemouth
Wycombe - Rotherham
Swansea - Preston



Rangers - Cove
Southampton - Burnley
Newcastle - Tottenham

G / G


Shamrock - Dundalk
Longford - Sligo
Ipswich - Bristol Rovs

G / G


Preston - Norwich
Bournemouth - Middlesborough
Watford - Sheffield Wed.

G / G
G / G


His articles

Headquarters, cons and G / G… (CASH - 5.64)

Bournemouth continued to rise, they also had a good face in the away match against Blackburn. Key players return and unimaginably strengthen his team ...

One ace and two opponents

Blackburn fought in vain against Wycombe tail, who has fallen into a deep deformity and looks incompetent midfield, failing to score. He has two...

Double and goal game

The difference of Rangers' category with Cove is directly proportional to the difference in capacity of the two teams. As much as the cup is ...

Aces, X2 and both!

Shamrock is a better team than Dundalk that has weakened both on the bench and in its potential. From details he did not win in ...

Form, bifurcation & 1 DNB

MK Dons' form is on an upward trajectory, Doncaster is increasingly losing contact with its formation. And now its entrance ...

Ace, ace and… ace DNB!

The ace of Barnsley with Sheffield seems very low for the importance of the match and the character of the neighbors' derby that ...

Two aces and a double!

Stoke could not face Cardiff in a worse situation. Diameter opposite trajectory for the form of the two teams and the ...

Based on the form

** Everton welcomes Burnley with two important absences, Ducoure and Hames. Nevertheless, Ancelotti has solutions, but also as a team the ...

Leicester, double and 2-3 goals

Leicester in a period of deformity but also having absences is given an underdog in the match with Brighton. The hosts, however, for weeks are not ...

Trinity with coverage in "X"… (CASH - 3.75)

Manchester City parades for the Premier League title. Whether he will beat the Wolves today or not is probably irrelevant to ...

Payout from Ballander with yield (5.64).

Asian α-λα ελληνικά!

He will find nets…

Marginally acceptable…

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Asian α-λα ελληνικά!

He will find nets…

Marginally acceptable…

Bet with seats!

Resta play…

Beats final…

It has a pulse… (CASH - 5.53)

Last editorial

The classic…

Messi in so many years that shines in Barcelona, ​​that has dazzled with his great career, ...

The ball is… and it spins!

The quarterfinal phase of the Champions League and the Europa League has already started with yesterday's great ...