Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Asian bet

Past Bets

Data. Events Pick Stake Odds Profit result

Hacken - Mjalby


80 2.02 +81.6

HIFK - Mariehamn


100 2.25 -100%

HJK Helsinki - LASK Linzer

1 A / H (+0)

100 2.15 -100%

Favorite and underdog

Equivalent to 1 DNB

The fallen and the raised

Profit or non-defeat

The wrong odds

Top selection…

Medicine seats!

Duo and reduced starter!

Before the match of the year

Reverse orbit

Upside down…

On an ascending wheel…

Upside down…

On an ascending wheel…

He no longer chews…

Hit form…

Favorite and underdog

Magic and British

A matter of time …

Equivalent to 1 DNB

Last editorial

Becoming competitive…

The difficulty with which Greek teams face their European games is now proverbial. THE...


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