Past Bets


Fulham - Chelsea
Leicester - Southampton
Barnsley - Swansea

2-3 goal
G / G

1007.03Bet365100 th

Wolves - Everton
Burnley - Man Utd
Sheffield - Newcastle

2 A / H (-1)

1007.6Bet365100 th


G / G
G / G
2-3 G

1008.4Bet365100 th

Tottenham - Leeds
Crystal Palace - Sheffield Utd.
Preston - Nottingham

G / G


Rangers - Hibernians 1 & O3,5
Dunfermlin - Arbroath 1 & NG
Hearts - Ayr Utd G & O2,5

1 & O3,5
1 & NG
G & O2,5

1007.45Bet365100 th

His articles

Game with ace and goal!

** Fulham and Chelsea are a pair of classic derbies in England. London battle 100% and with interest from both sides. Fulham is burning for every degree ...

Double with safety or risk

Everton is being tested by a Wolves anything but moldy. Both qualified for the cup with a lot of stress and marginal scores 2-1 and ...

Triad of goals for x8 plus!

** Fulham enters the Cup battle against KPR, a team with far more potential that the game has revealed so far ...

Seats and Goal / Goal…

Leeds has every guarantee that her game will be what you will watch every week. Naive defensively, he always scores in the attack, he scores ...

London Derby…

Guide the form and the defenses ** Leicester comes from the away victory with 2-0 against Tottenham. The "foxes" are in excellent ...

Six points of stay… (CASH)

** Everton made an epic start to the year, layered its gels and made two great victories again that make it dangerous again ...

Bet on the Top Battles

Liverpool comes from the 1-1 draw against Fulham, a match that was very bad in the first half and they were back in the score ....

Amphiskora, double, aces, cons…

Amphiskora, double, aces and cons: City improved defensively, but we go to a derby in which, in addition to the points, the two opponents burn and ...

Derby with peculiarities… (FUND - 6,56)

Motivation, dynamics, form and tradition are the main selection criteria, the recipe does not change ... we go directly to the points because time presses us:

In the newly created jewel of…

** Wimbledon welcomes Bristol Rovers in its new jewel. Even if there are only 2.000 of her fans on the podium, the excitement, ...

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Alien models…

Crazy race…

Entering the 4th… (CASH - 4,27)

Extra motivation…

A few goals and… many goals!

In the deep red… (CASH - 3,60)

Double and double κο

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Battle to the end…

Great game today at Anfield girlfriends and boyfriends. Liverpool vs. Manchester United part one first. Because it will follow ...

On the days of Solskier…

The goal of Pierre Pogba and the victory of Manchester United in the game against Burnley in ...