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Minnesota - Portland



SJK - Oulu



Stromsgodset - Stabaek



Waterford - Sligo Rovers



Los Angeles - Salt Lake



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Can exceed…


Good evening my gamblers… two buds on the tar one offer of the store.

SJK - Oulu ... Senayoen ace does not respond to real conditions… Attention to Oulu's upset Helsinki will bring confidence on the field… (2)

Minnesota - Portland ... against a team that comes from 2 consecutive wins, dot and dash; Minnesota will find them in the dark … (2)

At the limit of the barrages… (CASH - 4.75)


Good evening my gamblers σης of Saxon origin the current models have a big difference in prices… the rest on the field.

Waterford - Sligo Rovers  ...three-point psychology succeeded Waterford has timing and tradition in favor of… europe end for Sligo lost in-out throws the weight in the league … (1)

Stromsgodset - Stabaek ... on the edge of the playoffs the teams are fictitious the odds set… the opponent plays hard and pays dearly … (2)

We choose performance…


Good evening my gamblers χει the odds of winning against the following pairs are valuable.

Degerfors - Malmö FF… magic image Degerforce does not lose in 3 inside can easily exceed… attention in Malmμε has obligations in the Champions League with all that entails… (1)

Aalesund - Jerv…without ignorance of danger the models are in full shape confuses the set… we choose performance … (2)

Los Angeles - Salt Lake… prices without a favorite and underdog have a big difference in the match… open in any event … (2)

The ball in yellow…


Good evening my gamblers… three buds of Scandinavian origin one offer of the store.

Hammarby - Degerfors ... The odds are generally confusing… In the same straight line the teams (from 1 defeat each in 8 games) share the chances of winning … (2)

Valerenga - Lillestrom ... Oslo local derby without a favorite and underdogs match easily score models… the ball in yellow … (2)

Hook - KuPS ... attention in Haka pulls out teeth in its stadium… in the press Kuopio follows the rematch-qualification for the second qualifying round of the Conference League … (1)

Deformed condition… (CASH - 5.00)


Good evening my players Euro the Euro is full of football with goals and spectacle we see a good ball… anyway we go to today's buds.

Hammarby - Halmstad ... wrongly weighed the set of odds wrongs Halmstad to a felony degree … (2)

Ceara - Youth ...has better presses Zuventoude (3 matches undefeated) gets results outside… upside down will play the project… (2)

Gremio - Atletico GO ... deformed situation in the same straight models… single evens per match we choose performance … (2)

Dallas - Vancouver ...pope favoritism in dallas does not come from nowhere μένες the chances of victory are shared the value against … (2)

At the top the rake…


Good evening my gamblers με we go three buds in the tar one offer of the store.

Fredrikstad - Grorud ... from 2 multiple defeats come the teams magic image the set… shows the madam to press better from the right … (2)

Sogndal - Asane ... roulette the NORWAY in the high the rake stands out… first value in over 2.5 follows the opposite … (2)

New Y City - DCU ...elevator New York performance looking for tricks not inspiring play… 3 games undefeated Washington is able to break tradition … (2)

Super Duper …


Good evening my players… 1/3 we had in yesterday's proposed in the Czech Republic with odds (5.75).

Rosenborg - Stabaek ... title's Rosenborg mirror the stadium… 3 matches undefeated Stabaek is not an easy affair (6/7 under) … (2)

Philadelphia - Portland ... Philadelphia favorite against the current and tradition… super duper Portland counts 2 consecutive wins without conceding a goal … (2)

Single scales… (CASH - 5.75)


Good evening my players… the curtain falls in the Czech Republic at the same time the matches full background.

Slovan L. - Sigma Olomouc ... 4 matches without a win Slovan has against tradition is in danger of being left out of Europe… close to 6 francs pays the double of Olomouc … (2)

Ostrava - Karvina ... everything has been judged both whistle indifferently… single match against value … (2)

Slovako - Zlin ...had a good season Slovetsko wants to close solemnly… under situation Zlin can blow up the home siesta … (2)

Out of form… (CASH - 5.75)


Good evening my gamblers .. 2 is being playedη promotion position in the Chwaite League has a very background project.

Greuther F. - Dusseldorf ... theoretical favorite before the cross is Greuther mirror the field… lure the 4η position for Fortuna will not fall unchallenged … (2)

Holstein - Darmstadt ... Holstein beats with victory… Darmstadt wants attention Attention, he is in full form, he plays without ignorance of danger … (2)

Victoria P. - Ostrava ... traditional favorite Plzen is out of form (3 consecutive defeats) breaks down… requested the 5η position for Ostrava is fighting it … (2)

The whole bakri…


Good evening my players χουν the prices on the following buds are different, the teams do not differ in terms of play.

Sampdoria - Parma ...  everything has been judged play to pass the time λιά hug the teams will leave the field … (2)

Sjk - hjk ... in full condition the models count from 1 defeat in the last 10… catwalk match… ( 1 )

Osasuna - Society ... Osasuna will be motivated to play for TV revenue σοχή attention to the "double" of Sociedad raised the whole bar … (1)

3rd consecutive fund from Hacker with 4 / 5 points and performance ( 5.29 )

Finnish trinity!

She got on top of it…

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She got on top of it…

Finnish trinity!

Can exceed…

Cash registers!

Brand name… (CASH - 4.34)

Loose bet…

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