Past Bets


FC Astana - Aris
Velez Mostar - AEK Athens



Apollon L. - Zilina
CS Petrocub - Sivasspor
Skopje - Santa Clara

goal / goal


Molde - Servette
Gent - Vaalerenga
FH Hafnarfjordur - Rosenborg

goal / goal


Kairat - Grvena Zvezda
Mura - Ludogorets
Slovan Br. - Young Boys

TG 2- 3
goal / goal
over 2.5


PSV - Galatasaray
Nautico - Pelotas Brazil
Colorado - Dallas



His articles

Play opportunity… (2 FUNDS - 4.74 & 4.37)


EuL 2nd qualifying round The away goal rule does not apply.

Let's go to the basic options:

# Astana is rightly favored, it is in full condition, it runs 19 matches in the championship of Kazakhstan, it plays with the advantage of the artificial carpet;

# The Molde ace is possibly paying from half time, being more dynamic overall she has a round on her feet she will look for a qualifying score… nothing special Servet will move to last year's levels.

# The first official game for Apollon Limassol starts from a position of strength, it is a more experienced team; a dangerous outsider, Zilina scores inside and out non-stop, it is definitely not a negligible amount.

# A model of unknown football identity, Petrokumb, a newcomer to the institution, counts 6/7 under… marginal from Sivaspor, easy or difficult to reach the desired.

# Behind the ball, Skupi will be content with a passive role, it will be difficult to overtake; a click on all the lines, Santa Clara had a good season last year, finishing 6th in the table.

# With good performance in Europe, Velez (11-2-0 at home) maintains the undefeated since 11/2, coming from 4 consecutive victories; in descent, its double of AEK without reason and cause is not standardized in any case.

# It is a matter of time before the goals in Ghent - Valerenga score uninterruptedly, the teams follow the over 2.5… here the opponent plays hard and pays dearly.

# Clearly superior size or Rosenborg under normal conditions cleans it with concise procedures; beyond that there is also the repetitive in Norway.

Brand name… (CASH - 4.34)


CL 2nd qualifying round εκτός the away goal is not valid.

Go to check in:

# Brand name in European football, Eindhoven (9/10 over 2.5) is gaining health offensively, it certainly starts from a position of power, hence the favoritism; against tradition and predictions, Galatasaray is pushing on Dutch soil proof that in 3 matches it counts equal terminals (1-8).

# First violin in Kazakhstan, Karat seems more ready to play, it has official games on its feet, it will look for the overtaking… heavy jersey, the Red Star has the rematch in Serbia, it does not burn much.

# First in the tournament, Moura plays without ignorance of danger, she will look for the goal from the locker room; everything is in favor of Ludogorets and the performance remains to prove it on the field.

# Triple variation the match Slovan M. - Young Boss both count from 1 defeat in the last 10 will go out on the open field and whatever he wanted to happen..first luck in goals from both sides.

# Undefeated in the last 15, Nautico maintains the first place in the table, counting 5 draws in the 7 most recent, has 6/7 under…, Brazil is generally forced to take out weaknesses away from home.

# Comparative lead in Colorado has good performance on the field scoring 2.5 goals average per game… 2 wins this year Dallas account is not in a position to threaten.

Loose bet…


For a relaxed bet, today's options include the Champions League and Libertadores; here are my points in the tables:

Strengthens aggressively… (2 FUNDS - 8.93 & 4.75)


Fund wrote the basic 3rd in yesterday's proposed points with a return (4.65)…stay tuned to the top ever Global free football prediction site.

Directly to the juice:

# Erebro is the first candidate for a tassel, it is difficult to recover at the end, it completed the 6 consecutive defeats with 12 passive goals;

# AIK is forced to achieve only 6 marginal victory in the last 1 and in the goal… Kalmar has changed tactics in the 8th this year, it counts as soon as the defeat is at -5 from the 3rd.

# Gothenburg is getting stronger offensively, coming from a "double" of psychology against Ostersund (3-2), they will run to cover the lost ground… 3 consecutive defeats with 1 goal in favor, Malm δύσκο will have a hard time raising its head.

# Undefeated for 6ο Lillestrom in a series of matches, of which 4 wins seem to be pressing hard on the field… Kras test, the match for Molde will be maintained as it has Confederation League obligations in the middle of the week.

# In the promotion group Fredrikstad & Brine, they have good goal frequency, the teams play in the same straight line; we go for goals and spectacle.

# In free fall, Tromso (10b. In 12 games) has managed 1 victory in the last 9… clearly superior size Rosenborg has more solutions in all lines easily or will hardly reach the three points.

5/5 under 2.5… (CASH - 4.65)


Let's go to the scan:

# Benefited from the momentum Dundalk qualified with 2 wins in the next qualifying round of the Conference League plays with the tradition in favor of the elevator in the category Finn Harps is 4 points away from the zone has the third reason in the meeting.

# Open fan Od's defense (5 consecutive over) comes from a heavy defeat against Molde (5-0) is expected to react on the field; dangerous midfield, Viking scores inside and outside non-stop and consistently.

# Positive Goya's recent record makes it a home championship counts (4-0-1) all finished in under 2.5 στο tail in the table Londrina (1 win in 11 games) hit red does not change the scene.

# The New York ace is worth counting 1 defeat in the last 5 inside with 2 goals passive… sterile and ballless offensively Inter has a problem in all lines has not managed to score in 6 games this year.

# Good goal scores in the pair Nashville - Philadelphia regardless of form and timing will come out on the open field and whatever he wanted to happen… first luck in goals on both sides follows the over 2.5

# Colorado bites freshly at home, counts 3 consecutive victories with 9 goals assets; the only undefeated team in the League, Seattle rightly leads the Western Conference race, the scenario is unlikely to score.

Final rehearsal…


Directly to the juice:

# Super in the last two months Lahti will clear it of acquired speed, indicatively it runs undefeated for 8 games, it comes from 2 consecutive three-pointers inside and outside; it does not score in the last 3/4 except for Marienhamn.

# Rehearsal general, the match for Midland wants to start its obligations with the right hand, while next Tuesday it will play a European away game against Celtic;

# Home, tradition and timing support a victory for St. Patrick, the rest in practice; Drogheda lags behind in quality has the third reason in the match.

# Under control in its stadium, Derry does not lose in the 5 most recent home games; it shows weaknesses outside, Shamrock in the last 2 outings left with her head down.

The favorites pass… (CASH - 4.10)


Unknown football identity, the current models - do not need special analysis - play the rematch for the 1st qualifying round of the Champions League… let's go approximately, the suggestions in the tables follow.

First violin… (FUND - 5.22)


Let's go to the sum:

# 4/4 under the recent record of Halmstad in 3 home matches counts an equal number of draws… 2nd in the table Zhou has the best defense in the category has 2 matches less.

# In the group of teams for tassels, Gorud hardly threatens; first violin, Aalesund has a rhythm in its game, it will look for the victory horizontally sideways and vertically.

# He raised morale and psychology, Gerb comes from 3 consecutive victories, all finished in under 2.5… Ull / Kisa has the background to score.

# In full performance, the ace of Brine runs 5 matches undefeated inside, he does not want to lose contact with the top, he sees a rise; for the draw, Sogndal will play with whatever that entails.

# In the same straight line, Ranheim & Satnes move within the zone, both will fight to be kept in the category; it closes slightly towards the headquarters.

War climate…


** Italy - England the final pair as we had correctly predicted from its column Banker column to both reach the final of the tournament with odds (5.00 2.37 &).

** Warlike atmosphere here in London Flags have been flown everywhere, collecting signatures to mark the day after the final as a holiday (12η July) if England wins the cup.

Let's go to the basic options:

# New record for Italy closed the 33 matches undefeated (26-7-0) "passed" Spain on penalties counts 15 consecutive wins in Euro & qualifiers, however failed to keep zero in defense in the three knockouts with Austria, Belgium , Spain. 12 matches undefeated in official competitions, England wins metal, does not lose at "Wembley", has the best liabilities in the tournament, has conceded only 1 goal. A dry draw in the first 90 minutes, in the extra time the work will be judged, possibly also on penalties.

# Marginally accepted the ace of Ham Cam is having a good season (7-2-1) counts 5/6 victories sees rise ά red cloth Asane moves inversely proportionally runs 4/5 defeats.

# A better click on the points Honka easily or with difficulty is expected to reach dominance… worst defense in the category oulou (20 goals passive) reached the bottom has no below.

# Closer to the three-pointer, Fortaleza (10 matches, 18 points) at home counts 4-1-0 with 14 goals; ασ undefeated in the last 6, Corinthians play with tradition and chances in its favor.

Goals & spectacle…


Let's go to the basic options:

# The first command of the meeting, the Viking runs 3 matches undefeated, brings stability in its game, is 3 points away from the first 3 of the table; a carefree model, "Gonchet" away from home counts 3/4 over.

# At -6 from the top, AIK loses 3 easily easily or is difficult to return to the known performance standards; within the relegation zone, the Warburgs generally play (9 matches, 18 passive goals).

# Rosenborg makes a 5-match game belly, makes a championship, finally closed the 5 matches without a win, finished it τικές defensive tactics on the part of Kristiasund will try to steal the result.

# Home and tradition advocate in favor of Palmeira hit form counts 6/7 wins writes zero liabilities in the last 2… returned to victories Santos broke a negative series of 5 games.

# Slightly better in points, Operario shows character inside, wins 2 consecutive ή 3 defeats in an equal number of exits, Brazil de Pelotas and the series holds well.

# Argentina - Brazil the pair of final cup America marginally "passed" the teams from Colombia and Peru will go out in the open field for goals and spectacle;

Double payout from Hacker in EcL with 6/7 points and overall performance ( 20.71 )

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Cash registers!

Brand name… (CASH - 4.34)

Loose bet…

Gold cup…


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