Advance the synthetic carpet ...


CL qualifying phase 3th round ... act first.

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Let's go in detail:

# 13 Astana Champions League Undefeated Match Counts - Passed 3 relatively easilyο Qualifying round Mitchell's hurdle - playing with the synthetic carpet avant-garde in front of its audience provokes aggressive behavior ... dangerous in the counter attack Dynamo Zagreb is a team of high standards scoring nowhere.

# In the role of outsider, Standard L. lags behind in roster and quality, though in 16 matches the institution has managed to celebrate just 2 times against Olympic (09) and Panathinaikos (14) ... obviously better than all the other games in the group stage - he excluded Sturm Graz with concussions and a total score of 5-1.

# Tied up Benfica last year made tragic appearances (6 defeats in a number of matches in the group) realistically has the first say in "Da Luz" will look for a qualifying score ... Fenner's last club participation was between 2008 and then , without a win on 5 more recently than CL.


FC Astana - Dinamo Zagreb
Standard L. - Ajax
Benfica - Fenerbahce

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