Ball is and laughs ...

The ball for the Panathinaikos stadium is back in the Botanical! Ball is and giggles where they want to send her. About two years ago, the match of the plans and promises was played by Goudi, who came out of the fridge and was warmed by Syriza.

Now is the candidate for mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, who in turn thawed the other dream, the Votanikos. A dream that began to be built in the municipality of his mother, Dora Bakoyannis, in the distant 2005.

Since then numerous politicians have invested in the hope of the Panathinaikos and the Panathinaikos. We can put more than ten if we include the "regionals", those who were framed as prime ministers, ministers and mayors. From Panathinaikos sentiment Souflia to Olympic Kaklamanis, from Laliotis to Venizelos, from Avramopoulos to Kaminis, from Vasso Papandreou to Birbilis, from New Democracy and PASOK to Syria.

The journey of the Panathinaic dream continues, turns, departs, comes back dragging along dozens of models: Goudi, Olive, Botanical, Avenue reconstruction, Galatsi, Hellenic - and again: Goudi, Eleonas, Votanikal, Greek reconstruction.

Life, stadium and Panathinaic dream circles do. Just like elections. Cycle, is going to pass. Don't take it seriously. Like the previous ones.

One practice alone can make Panathinaikos believe in miracles. The IGC, no matter how good you may be, when it comes to panathenaic and athens alive is capable of anything that is leaking to come out truly. And then…