Bald Agent …

We like it or not, this hell has dominated professionally. The two decades of the new millennium first world name in the coaching is the Portuguese Jose Mourinho, born in 1963. He took the champions league in 2003 with Porto and cap plays the first track table. With him Chelsea is changing class, it is made of small and medium-sized England a world power. He then conquers the champions league with Inter, takes Queen Real, returns to Chelsea and finishes his cycle with the most popular team after Real Madrid, Manchester United.

What more to wait for a career coach. The foolish Mourinho for the healthy fans of football. The dark Mourinho with his computer mind defensive mind. No connection with Catalan Guardiola, No 2 coach, always according to the football industry. Pepper, a football player from Barcelona, ​​a team in which he emerged as a coach, was the technical playmaker.

January was born Mourinho, January and Guardiola, he in 1971. Two failed coaches. The most successful. The most commercial. The most expensive. They did not stand him anymore in Manchester United, and Mourinho was prematurely made. Pepe?

For a carapace’s harbor never before at times, so many millions were spent on player transfers. However, in Bayern for three years, from 2013-14 to 2015-16 and in Manchester City from 2016-17 to 2018-19, the bald agent did not reach any final champions league. Failure. Does he also become a commentator and writer, like Mourinho, a colleague?

Conclusion. It’s not always safe to choose the best one on the board.

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