They come from everywhere…

About 12 million is estimated as money lost by the EPO fund after excluding NBG from Euro 2020 finals. And to be sure, this is what hurts the EPO, neither the defeat by Finland and the Liechtenstein gels, nor anything else of interest in the Goudi chairs. Of these, only two things matter to them, lettuce, money, but also to the beneficiary of the system, the system in question. Olympiacos yesterday, PAOK today, Olympiacos again tomorrow, AEK in between maybe Panathinaikos again sometime. This.

And what else would interest them? Universal acceptance has definitely been forgotten. Either they, the former and the next. The loser does not play in Greece once to admit: We lost a title to a better team. No. Arbitration will always be the fault, Athens the whip Tsar the tsipar Ivan and the coarse trader or the tiger the bastard and the gunner the Captain. The loser who missed the goal is never to blame, never - at least to a critical degree - the clothespin that smelled the lily, nor the punter who put Tsitsula and Mitsula to play. No. The caught EPO and the controlled breeding ground will always be to blame. End of story.

In our case, national. Bourdello made her go crazy. Model group. Isn't that what the slogan says? Well, we made it a reality. And because Grammen burned him for good, the coaches, too, Fed Schip, it's funny to piss him off, no matter how moderate he is (what he can do anyway) all you have to do is watch the brakes This group has been in the public for the last 5 years and has gone from smack to shark and tubal. And then you will realize that it is not only Grammen's fault (with Sarri the slide started), it is not Fed Schip's fault (with Ranieri, Skibe and Markarian better?) It is not even Oaka's fault (Karaiskaki's first bogs fell). No. What do the two seasons have in common? The players.

Socrates is overrated. Not necessarily by the press or the public. By himself the same. Socrates has in his mind something far beyond what he really plays. He does his laughing, he has no psychology, he is not a leader. And in the finale the finale doesn't even have the quality characteristics of a Stelios Manola. A Kalitsaki or Mavridis let alone. He has contracted, and has gained recognition in his papers as much as he seems to be bothered. He doesn't hurt the team, his selfishness doesn't want to hurt him. Little. And tell you something else? With Abraham beside him he made plays in the national Socrates. Without a Macedonian center-back and a defensive huff, Socrates travels whichever side he has. Random?

Costas Manolas is terribly improved, fast, but quality has never been and never will be. With a Henriksen next to him, a Flourish Burning, a not-so-spicy, but super-quality center-back, Manolas makes an inaccessible twin. But with Socrates they are everywhere. They eat goals from fishermen and waiters and “boo” them to stop them. Not even on such a slab….

And from there he starts to fish the fish. by players who make the commands and it's funny to compare them to the previous situation. Della with Socrates and Kostas Manolas with Michael Kapsis or Dabiza. Not even these children were found, they cooperated. Young children do not have this contact. At least not everyone. And there the Dutch federal must invest. In making them gang again. Like Rehagel. And the gangs help those in need, not the ones who go to cap it because they are - in their minds - arriving ...