Bet advice

Basic principle

Betting is based on the condition on the teams as well as the odds, i.e. whether an odd is really reflecting the chances of the teams into the game or not. These two together with an in-depth knowledge of the sport at hand, provide for very good tools in order to succeed in betting.

What you have to know before you bet

1. COMPETITION:For which competition is the game about (league, cup, Champions league, uefa cup, intertoto).

2. CONDITION OF THE TEAMS:Based on their last 6 games and their last 6 home (when playing at home) or away (when playing away from home), games.

3. MOTIVES:If the teams are really interested in winning the 3 points – to gain promotion, avoid relegation; especially important when we come closer to the end of the season.

4. GAME HISTORY:Looking at the relations between the 2 teams; if they tend to be friendlier or not based on results and favors in the past.

5. PLAYERS ABSENT – MANAGER CHANGE – TRANSFER NEWS:If you really want to place a good bet you cannot ignore any of the above 3.

Evaluation of odds

In order to be able to evaluate whether the odd for a particular type of bet is worth the risk (value bet), we use the following equation:

Odds * (times) probability > 100 = 100; for example

1.85 * 65% = 117 which means that the risk of placing this bet is worth it.

This is what the BOOKMAKERS use in order to guide the players into the … wrong direction.

Final criterion:  We compare the odd in relation to everything that we have referred to above and judge whether it is worth placing money on it.

Do not forget: