Bet advice


Basic principle

Betting is a game based solely on team odds and performance. Definitely need other sports knowledge so that one can have a complete picture of the object.

What to Know Before Playing a Bet:

1) INSTITUTION = In which event does the team we are interested in play (championship - cup - Champions League - UEFA Cup - Intertoto, etc.)

2) FORM OF TEAMS Matching behavior of the last six home - away games of both sides (wins - draws - losses) as well as goals (for - against).

3) ENGINES = If there is a real motivation (staying in the category - going out in cups - Champions League, UEFA, Intertoto, etc.) always in relation to valid information.

4) PREHISTORY = We mainly look at the relationships of the teams over the years based on the results between them (if there is a friendly relationship or rivalry).

5) ABSENCES OF PLAYERS - CHANGES OF COACHES - TRANSFERS = There must be continuous and valid information from the sports press but also the ability to evaluate (if the absence or presence of the player or coach at a particular time can really work) on the part of the player who is betting.

Performance rating:

So to be able to evaluate whether the performance we selected is worth the risk of betting (value bet) we use the following formula: odds (performance) xprobability% (probability of verification)> 100 = 100 if for example we have:1.80 x 65% = 117 that is, the product that gives us no less than 100. Of course, all the above that I mentioned is also a matter of betting education, knowledge and experience that each of us has. I remind you that in football betting there are no endless games or points, there are only odds of playing.

This game of odds is used by BOOKMAKERS ornate in order to mislead the player and lead him to the wrong choice.

Final Criterion:

I compare the percentage of performance if it corresponds to the real competitive image of the teams and in combination with all the above information I end up with my choice.

And do not forget :