during the Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Leicester City at The Hawthorns on April 29, 2017 in West Bromwich, England.

Big Six…

Before the start of the Premier League, there were two hot issues regarding the predictions of the season. Who will win the title? Manchester City, or Liverpool? The second issue was a bit unusual. What will be the teams that will complete the Big Six? For the first time in the history of the English Championship, the Big Six was the same for three consecutive years. Who can change it this year? Leicester! In the first seven games of the season in the Premier League, Brendan Rodgers' team overcomes. The victory over Newcastle brought her to 3rd place and fairly, since Chelsea, Arsenal, United are not convincing yet….

But there is a strange element in this year's Leicester. For a team that is based on possession of the ball and has two good and organizational midfielders does not create the required number of phases. Leicester have scored 13 goals, the fourth biggest number in the Premier League with Bournemouth. However, the phases that are prerequisites for goals are on average 8. Only Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa have the worst performance in this area. There is of course the prism that Leicester ideally finishes the most phases it does. On Sunday he scored five goals, while their conditions with phases for goals were only at 1.8. Only Vardy's phase from the passage of Albrington was essentially a phase. The first goal of the experienced forward was from a corner, Ricardo Pereira had a terrible shot and there was an own goal and an unexpected finish by N'Didi. Completing the phases adequately and correctly is a very good element. But a team like Leicester had to create more even though it has Vardy scoring from every corner and in every way.

One of the main reasons was Madison's absence due to an injury to Newcastle for Dennis Pratt to take his place. Madison was first on the list of 100 phases he created last year, of which 41 was a corner. This year, however, is 29os on the list behind Milivojevic and Westwood. So it is a key criterion that Leicester does not have so many phases. And though Madison made it to Tottenham Hotspur, his goal in the match was his first since 31 in the Premier League. In general it has very good technical and creative features, but sometimes does not make mature decisions in the game. Madison mostly needs to blackmail the shots less. And last year, in a decisive match against City that even claimed the title, Madison had a decision to change the data of a phase where his team would have scored. Instead of taking the ball to Albrington shoot.

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