Blooming orange tree …

27-year-old Paul Mitchell, the Birmingham footballer, jumped on the court yesterday and attacked Astron Villa’s Grillis. Today, in the self-indulgent (no 48-hour deadlines to prepare his apology and postponed due to hospital admission, etc.), he was sentenced to 14 weeks ‘imprisonment and 10 years’ exclusion from the stadiums! In just 24 hours he finished with …

In other countries, especially in the one that grows the blooming orange tree, even for a public view of the killer with recorded images of phone cameras and the perpetrators gambling like gypsy scruples, it took years to endlessly enforce the law, finalize the case and still crawls the issue with many of the guilty people not being effectively punished and 1-2 paying their passions and addictions by assuming a full responsibility that does not account for them, not 100% even.

In addition, an arbitrator has been the victim of an assassination attempt – some months ago, not yesterday, yesterday – and the alleged guilty parties talked to the big club’s enthusiasts with the environment of his administrative leader, but he just did not open a nose of the perpetrators has already made a trip without an hour-return to avoid arrest.

In other news, a group of unscrupulous criminals with a group scarf who calls themselves fans and wrestles (who has asked them a devil?) For the honor of a group, invaded a women’s pole fight and struck up a young opponent with special skills forced to move with a wheelchair. And this shame why? As a response (!!!), as a retaliation in attacking 5 rival fans in a young woman, I liked the first to rape her (!) And who, after being robbed by the group rape, beat her up to anesthesia and stabbed her foot. The one woman! The five men!

In Greece, the situation in sports (not only in football, sports almost all) has escaped from any control and any actions of the institutional bodies come MONUMA after a celebration, firefighting or for the show, not preventively. Why is it convenient, some say, either for reasons of disorientation or for the purpose of releasing the masses into minor aspects of social life. Either way.

But what more to expect in a country where the boss of a team sucks in the field with a gun, the leader of the other has 3-4 Pakistani mobiles to orchestrate the orcs of sultry, another threatens the life of referees and observers and no one is involved with him and a fourth is more picturesque than the Caldera and is only distinguished because he is the owner of the most fake TV station in history?

Absolutely nothing you expect. Just that. NOTHING!

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