Can also be without Messi ... (TAMEIO - 4,25)


Today's program is more flexible in values:

Naples - Roma with 5% premium * and countless special bets!

# Unbeaten 4 match in Sardinia Cagliari comes from inside and tie outside (Bologna and Fiorentina respectively) playing in front of its audience has over ... 5 series defeats at this year's championship by Kiev (X. 2) train of stay.

# Can't do without Messi Barcelona midfielder Inter with 2-0 in the CHL became the absolute favorite for the first place in the group ... Real beast injured (1 win at 6 last in all competitions) .

# Alkmaar-Heerenfen high-risk pair of off-site and time-set odds ... nature offensive totals score from locker rooms, first in goal goals against either side.

# Between wear and tear Eupen has an alpha effect on scoring can be the goal of the price ... a click higher on all lines of the field Anderlecht makes championship play inside out for the win.

# Beveren's team moves to + 5 from the last position in the standings to receive goals in the last 3 / 5 as a host ... clearly better Antwerp has a better quality roster with a relative winning lead but up there.

# Napoli - Roma match for strong nerves will object to a high goal rate, both coming from a demarage of winning results they score in the first year and consequently ... the rest on the Sao Paulo grass.


Cagliari - Chievo
Barcelona - Real Madrid
AZ Alkmaar - Heerenveen

goal / goal


Eupen - Anderlecht
Beveren - Antwerp
Naples - Rome

TG 2-3
over 2,5