Latin ... bra de fern!

The lies are over and Copa America is here, history has already begun to be written and in about a month's time all eyes will be on Brazilian stadiums with Latin America's most important trophy in a bracket.

For a moment, it is for this reason that the tournament takes place every three and one. Not in predetermined diets or fours, but they've done it! Copa America became 2015, 2016, will be this year, 2020 will become 2024. Sit down dude. What phase? Every time a little time passes and you miss, do you dig a Copa America? Things are simple. Latin (and not only) moneylenders sell through Copa America, with gun bonito. And what do we see? What will we see? Leave the fraudulent motives behind to sell the sly and fill the pockets. From the ball?

One of the groups traditionally looking away is Uruguay, which is also the institution's polynomial. The team of Oscar Tambares begins his adventure in the Brazilian stadiums against Ecuador and kicks him off with a bitter four. Ecuador has traditionally been bad for Copa America since 1997. It is characteristic that it has only gone into knockout phase once, running a record 3-3-16, while also traveling with intense moans inside. But a quadruple at a premiere? It shows the intentions of the Uruguayans if nothing else.

Brazil are hosting the tournament and need to confirm their favorite title. There is a very good batch of players, recognized as the best Brazilian coach and organized in their country. It is more than necessary to conquer this title. Even without Neymar (thanks to Cecelia I say), Brazil is the first favorite to win the cup.

Argentina go to yet another big event puzzled by their coach, who does not appear to have come up with a clear match plan. The premiere is no accident, the "short" (one is) has forgotten when he played as a team leader, and Di Maria, who is constantly doing well with the Nationals, will probably not be key. The Maradona binoculars that have gone viral are not accidental ... The season of Pelegrini in Colombia passed and was undertaken by the experienced Keiroz. There is undoubtedly a talent to manage and it is perfectly reasonable to have high demands and aspirations. Hamas has to show he is good because he wants a transcript. After all, when he was getting a transcript he played ball again, random? I do not think…

Paraguay is in a difficult situation, after successes at the beginning of the decade came a gradual decline. Except for Almiron, who will lead the effort, he has no new talent. After the fiasco with Colombian coach Osorio, who terminated his collaboration without giving a formal game, came the deal with Beriso. His presence in Spanish football certainly gives prospects, but the truth is that the course of his teams has been disappointing. And from Vigo and Seville and Bilbao he went down as a failure!

There is talent in Chile, it is important to bond and become whole. Failure to go to the World Cup in Russia has cost her a lot and there are high ambitions for the event.

Visitors are also invited to participate in the event to gather experiences. The project has been undertaken by a long-time Spanish coach at the Barcelona academies and is trying to pass that particular culture on to Qatar. Qatar showed good examples.

The Japanese, after all, are always dangerous, but Copa America saw it as a good opportunity to give opportunities to young children. The roster that has traveled to Brazil is infinite and youthful, and the logic says it will be quite difficult, especially in games with Uruguay and Chile.