The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union and logically there will be changes in its football paradigm. Officers on Downing Street are on fire. Theresa May and her immediate associates seem to be ready for the next 24 hours for what now seems inevitable. Brexit all indications are that it will cease to be just a catchy term and will become a harsh reality for those who would not want it to happen. A huge 500-page dossier outlining the main points of departure of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from the European Union is expected to be submitted for study and signatures to the other members of the latter. And the question that arises through all this strange process and concerns a sports site and consequently all the sports of Great Britain and Europe, is what the coming Brexit will mean for the Premier League…

In favor of secession

When in June 2016 the 51,9% of the 30 million Britons voting in favor of secession, Premier Boss Richard Scandamar rushed to take a position in favor of staying: "Our country has a presence in Europe more advantages and especially for football are understandable. It would be a big mistake to close our borders and go back to the old way, "explained the man who is considered No1 responsible for the huge football success on the Island.

In fact, what they fear in the Premier League is what the Times wrote last Tuesday. A reputable newspaper has revealed that the FA has already bid for the big championship the next day. According to her idea, instead of 17 players off the Island, each club will have the right to keep on the 12 roster (ed: 13 has more than 12). But this is not the only difficulty. The problem is growing, as European Union footballers are likely to no longer be regarded as 'Community' but foreigners, as the so-called 'hard Brexit' will change the status of working conditions between the two sides.

Obtaining a work permit

The biggest consequence of this job change will be that the Europeans will fall into the category where the Brazilians, Argentines, Russians, Japanese, etc. are now, ie a work permit will be required, according to the international participation of each player with the National team of his homeland. How does this really translate? With the fact that Leicester could not in this case have made N'Golo Cande their own in 2015, since he was playing in Caen and had no international participation in any National team. And the same would be true or will probably be true in a bunch of other similar cases.

By a rough calculation, the 350 is close to getting players to this status in England and Scotland and this will bring huge and historic rearrangements to the club's balance of power. But mostly it will negatively change all the Premier League data, which if all of the above will have nothing to do with this era of "golden cows" currently experiencing.

The employment status on the Island

In the first phase, the Premier will compete with the FA over this issue of 12 foreigners, which is also due to the case of the opportunities that the natives do not get (s.s .: Probably the most basic cause of Brexit in all of them. labor sectors). There are already some signs that after negotiations the former will be able to secure some favorable working conditions for the "Community", but there is a more general discussion about the employment status of all professions and Europeans working on the Island or vice versa (in .s .: what will happen with the existing contracts and what with the planning of the teams;)

So it may be a football world that does not listen to and identify with the rest of society, living in a golden dust, but most likely it will not be left untouched by this whole situation. How the Premier will be able to mitigate the damage, how to save her throne and whether there will be variables and exemptions is something to be seen shortly. No one knows yet how "soft" or "hard" the British will leave Europe and can even manage at football level to keep important data secured now.

However, in the first phase, Brexit will undoubtedly be something bigger than even the most powerful championship in the world, which begins to prepare for Friday, March 29, 2019. When the United Kingdom will leave the European Union and together the Premier League will lose some (more or less we will know then) of the goods related to it, significantly changing the map of the ball…