“Burns” for victory …


Hello my friends,

The racing “action” on the Irish courts continues, with the 29th game being played tonight and Limerick to “burn” for victory, as it may be her last chance to avoid play-out .

Limerick-Sligo Rovers. Play your life, my life, clear things. The two teams divide them, just five points difference, as the eighth Sligo Rovers has 29 points and the ninth Limerick is 24. If Sligo doubles, then I think it will be a “gravestone” in Limerick’s dreams, for to avoid play-out. This means that the hosts see the game as a final and will not allow the guests to leave with degrees or marks from their home base.

Dundalk is in second place, two points behind Cork, but has two more games. Bray, on the other hand, has little hope of staying in, as he is in the last place with 15 points, nine from ninth and 14 from eighth. The game can not be criticized … Easy victory for Dundalk.

Shamrock Rovers is passionately pursuing the exit in Europe, being in fourth place, one point behind the third Waterford and even playing less. On the other hand, Bohemians will not be so passionate about this game, as it holds a safe distance from the ninth position and I do not think it will be in danger. If we take into account that Shamrock is also playing at home, I do not think it will be very difficult to win this game.

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Limerick – Sligo Rovers
Bray – Dundalk
Shamrock Rovers – Bohemians