Foreign referees haggle ...

The foreign referees have broken it for us. These are not things. To deprive us of what has become the right of the catastrophe and of the whole system. I'm talking about the mantra caused by the whip and the arbitration. Stranger whistle in the final cup and no kicks were heard, no complaints. That was the bad thing. Foreign referees in Greece were normally returned. Without anyone responsible to take into account the consequences of the deprivation syndrome that will hit those who eat bread off the ball.

Foreigner at Olympiacos - PAOK, a Swiss. And if he makes mistakes, the job will go awry. Even a crime, to alter the result, will be called a "manly mistake." And we who had learned to vomit, to discredit football, will sit on the ice cream. In the end, the conspiracy theories that he was sworn in by this president were not set up by the other.

We're serious. Foreign referees hail. We miss the pleasure of slaughtering the massacres in Karaiskakis, with rivals Olympiacos and PAOK. I wanted Greek blacks and the game not to end. To kill Marinakis and Savvides' teams, that's what I pray for. Because I'm Greek and I go for film adventures, and away from the crazy sports contexts of the kyrillas for kittens.

Thanks to the refereeing, with Greek referees, our championship has lived unforgettable and historic moments that filled our poor everyday lives. Hell the stadiums, race breaks, episodes before and after games. It all comes down to arbitration. And now, the end of the show until they start to suspect the alien reef. Just like it was before the dictatorship. They ended up getting rid of strangers and strangers. Not that they were wronged. And why should those who rob them more than those who push them?