With no boundaries of gelato ...


The start of the betting season is set in mid-September ... when teams have found their footprints and we have our bullseye.

Ronaldo scored the first goal in the match Kiev - Juventus? Vistabet has a bet return *!

Let's go to Saturday's main bet:

# At market prices, the Lions boss is one of the top returning favorites to count 4 / 4 championship and cup wins without scoring goals ... Troy's defensive tactics are expected to stand for the result.

# Time to come back to victory, Liberec raises pace coming from home draw against Opava (1-1) has tradition of being among the top 5 teams in the Czech Republic ...

# Lokeren has a limited run against tradition playing to survive in the league ... with no goals left, Standard L. makes the championship he has just won 1 in 6 officially.

# After all, the Monaco-Lille set is generally confusing, both of which started the season with wins over Nantes (excluding 3-1) and Rennes (inside 3-1) respectively going into the open X or X over

# 5η Continued win for Seattle running unbeaten 8 race at home turns character ... open to any possibility Los Angeles Galaxy counts 10 series over 2,5 scoring in the locker room.

# Full psychology Kansas has had a comparable lead over clear wins over Houston and Los Angeles without even scoring goals ... Inversely Portland loses 2 unbeaten (6-2).

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Liberec - Bohemians
Monaco - Lille
Kansas - Portland



Lens - Troyes
Lokeren - Standard L.
Seattle - LA Galaxy

goal / goal