"Golden Gloves"

In a social media announcement, Petr Cech announced that at the end of the current season he would end his career as a goalkeeper. The great Czech with countless appearances and numerous titles decided that in his 36 and staying free from Arsenal there is no reason to continue on the field as he already feels full.

He was crowned European champion, England champion, won many awards and individual honors, broke a variety of records and always has a defining moment in his career. That October 2006 injury by a great goalkeeper turned him into a legend, after he returned heavier and after that event won the hearts of the public in addition to trophies. The Czech Republic is a unique figure in world football and is beloved by most football fans. Not just for his worth and what he did with Rennes, Chelsea Arsenal or the Czech national, but for 7 very specific reasons.

Because he learned the place again in English

Peter Smihel's departure left a huge gap in the English league. The Premier League has come to grips with David James, Mark Schwarzer, Tim Howard, Brad Friedel, Shay Givens, Roy Carroll and many other goalkeepers in the early days. Until a Czech from Rehn put on their 'glasses'. The spectacular relocation, good postures, quick throws and most of all the sense of sovereignty in his area prevented the attackers from even thinking of the goal.

The 10.000.000 euros spent in the summer of 2004 'blue' looked like a huge amount to a player with the Czech career so far. A year later, not only did Roman Abramovi… lose his money, but he realized that it was an investment of years that had already paid off with his first championship of the season and the 24 matches without a break in the Premier League, a performance The record in the league, like the record, were the only 15 goals that Jose Mourinho's team received. From that point and for about a decade, no one has questioned that the Czech was the best goalkeeper on the Island and now one of the leading on the planet.

Because he returned from THIS injury

He was injured in the 16 second of the match against Reading in a match that no one would remember under different circumstances. No one had realized the extent of the damage. Not even the doctors above him or the knees himself or he was screaming to get out of the court and continue playing. Stephen Hunt's kick looked insignificant, but it was enough to crack the Czech skull and goalkeeper. fragments found at depths of 5 millimeters, posing a risk of even brain injury.

What I didn't realize at the time was that when you are a tripod like that, you have a very thin skull at this point in the brain. It's normal in a triplet. So she keeps wearing the headset now, because she has a thin skull. The words of Brian Ingles, Chelsea's chief physician at the time, are shocking, after proving that he initially did not know exactly what was happening to the Czech. He realized it later, and despite the delay in the ambulance (though there was one on site, they were waiting for a second from the hospital, so that there was always a hospital vehicle on the field), the Czech did nothing worse.

If my goalkeeper dies in these changing rooms or in the locker room, it's something that English football needs to think about. Mourinho's attack on the press conference, when he was still unaware of the Czech situation, sparked backlash from the area's ambulance service, but was worthy of the magnitude of the Czech injury.

He did not stay at Reading Hospital, but was flown to Oxford the same night because of the seriousness of the situation. The incident was treated as a traffic accident, as the blow to the Czech skull was so severe. The delicate surgery lasted for hours. The neurosurgeons removed the pieces of skull that had been pressed to the brain and then reshaped the skull, inserting two metal plates over the left ear.

I had a compressive skull fracture. Some pieces of bone went deep and this was the biggest risk. The deeper they penetrated, the more it could happen, since the left side of the brain is an important center of movement. He himself remembers nothing of the incident and what followed, although eyewitnesses claim that he had behaved like a man with severe craniocerebral injuries, or aggressive and violent.

About 2,5 months after the incident, he returned to action and even in a very difficult game, against Liverpool at Anfield. He did not return on his own, but with his later alter ego, the protective headset, which he never again left in combat or training. After an injury that could cost him everything, he returned to the 2007 stadium in January and two months later became the Premier League player of the month after a non-stop 8 series in a series of 810 minutes.

He continued at the same high level and was one of the "pillars" of the club's subsequent successes, culminating in the Champions League 2012 win, where he fell right into the penalty shoot-out in the final match against Bayern Munich.

Because he has been essential all his life

As he wrote in his farewell message, this is his 20 season as a professional footballer, of which 15 in the Premier League. From 1999-2000 to 2018-2019, only in the 3 season was he not the key to his team: in his first, last with Chelsea and this year! 1,96m height The goalkeeper did not go unnoticed neither in Blancani where he started his career, nor in Sparta Prague where he fought one season (2001-2002) or in Rehn where he got his first big transfer 2002 nor of course in Chelsea or Arsenal where he changed.

He was always the man that his coaches bet on, so he always had more than 36 races per season, even in the year of his injury, with the exception of the 3 season. He is currently counting 771 cross-country and 124 matches with the national team between 2002 and 2016. For this reason he is credited with making a significant contribution to all the trophies he has conquered. From the 4 championships to Chelsea, the 4 cups, the 4 League Cup, the two Super Cups, the 2012 Champions League and the Europa League next season, to the cup and the two Super Cups to Arsenal.

Even more are individual honors, including Best Goalkeeper in France at 2004, 'Golden Gloves' in England at 4 different years (the only one with 2 teams) and of course his records. He is the goalkeeper with the most untouchable home runs in the Premier League with 202 (James is 2os with 169), he is the goalkeeper with fewer goals (180) until he reaches the 100 games with no goals in the Premier League and had a goal-scoring record in the league from 2004-2005 (1.025) until Edwin van der Sar of Manchester United breaks with 1.311 at 2008-2009.

Because he is fluent and speaks 5 languages

Goalkeepers are known for their intelligence at least in relation to players fighting elsewhere. Nevertheless, the Czech has the confirmation. This is a football player who speaks fluent 5 languages. And if one does not help him in particular, his mother-in-law, the others help him to communicate perfectly with his defenders in any team. He can speak with John Terry in English, with William Gallas in French, with Per Mertzacker in German and with Nacho Montreal in Spanish and direct them without any misunderstanding. Of course, in these languages, he is in contact with other teammates of all nationalities.

Sometimes foreign players do not understand what you are saying. Then you realize that it is easier to speak in their own language than to hope to understand you. It can happen, 'he says. He is not only a linguist. While other players go out or play videogames, he studies history and psychology while in hotels on missions and wants to 'kill' his time.

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