Golden ball ...

France Football magazine, which once again exclusively hosted the Golden Ball competition, announced the 30 nominees for the most historic individual award. Although over time the prize goes downhill, especially since FIFA started awarding its own, The Best, to be more precise, participation in the competition remains a major success even as a candidate. The 30 football players were selected by the editors of the French magazine and now the final crisis is passed to about 180 journalists, one from each country, to determine the winner.

Luca Montrich is the favorite after winning The Best, but also the title of World Cup and Champions League top player. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the winners of the previous ten editions, and there is Mohammed Salah who is still… distorting contests, as more than half of the voters in France Football's online poll believe he was the best player of last year. . These four players are expected to be beaten to the end, making the rest of 26 look like a complement. Even there, however, there is a logic to their choice. Or almost.

There is no objection that players such as Kevin de Brain, Roberto Fermino, Antoine Griessman, Mario Mantzukic etc. should have been candidates because they did very well in either the domestic or world championships or both. Their teams did not have to conquer something, but they themselves were distinguished. But there are some options that have made a big impression. Specifically, two players who, regardless of their status, did not justify their presence on the 30 roster last year. Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale are two glaring examples of how pervasive the competition is in its new era, having crowned European champions Real with no real contribution.

Both have nothing to show for the Primera Division or the World Cup, so they are on the list thanks to the work of Montrich, Ronaldo, Casemiro, Isco, Markos Assencio, Kaylor Nava, Rafael Varam, Marseille. That's why, with a very simple search, we found 37 players that could fit at least these two, or even some other names in the list. With a closer look, 37 could become a three-digit number. It is certain that 30's Golden Ball 2018 list never has the old BBC, only C.