Builds Roma ...

In this summer, where many teams are offering a field for analysis or predictions, there is a guy who does what he wants to do and who will come now, the new season, in the front line and he τους Juventus acquired Cristiano Ronaldo, is "doomed" to go down in history as the summer of the Bianconeri. The Portuguese star dominated and dominates the Italian news, in which, however, Inter has its own important part with the moves it made or the ones it wants to make. Milan also came to the fore with Higuain-Caldara or Maldini-Leonardo, while every 2-3 days there is a discussion about the climate in the south, where Aurelio De Laurentiis reads slogans on walls every day, banners in central parts of city, ultras announcements.

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Monch's hiring of Roma a year ago was welcomed by everyone inside and outside Italy, with James Pallotta keeping his head quiet as he said a few days ago. In an epic breakthrough in the Malcolm case - meanwhile Palota is always right in what he says when it explodes, as the facts prove, but who can give it? - the president recalled, "I don't want to ask you for a transcript, 'That's what I got for Monchy, to have confidence in the work that is being done.' For the moment, Palota has every reason to trust the Spaniard, because he simply sees the club's cash register constantly receiving new transfers. Not only from the team's run to the Champions League semifinals, a course that helped a lot with Financial Fair Play, but also with sales.

42 million for Salah, 35 for Rudiger, 23 for Paredes and 20 for Emerson Palmieri, this year added 73 for Alison and 38 for Ningolan, with the sum showing ... 231. That's the million euros Roma has received from sales last summer and this summer, with the amount being able to go up to 260 with some bonuses provided. One view is that Jalorosi is slowly cleaning up financially and is right. The other view is that Monchi has slowly begun to shut down Walter Sabatini's team and is also correct. The Spaniard will start to crumble and then build, knowing that it is not an easy or fast process. Especially in Rome. But it is necessary.

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Monchi did this to Seville, so will Roma. He will sell and buy, this is what he is famous for, this he will try to do now, hoping that his choices will be right and that Eusebio Di Francesco will certify this with his work and results. "My job is to find the way to build as strong a team as possible, I know the fans are tired of words but I'm only here for 14 months. Don't just talk about Alison and Ningolan, talk about who we got. We have one of the best coaches in the world, an ambitious roster and a constantly evolving administration. I know the fans are tired and so I'm not looking for excuses. If I haven't conquered anything in two years, I'll take the plane and leave, "the Spaniard said on July 19, with statements indicating that there may be some concern from some fans or journalists.

The reason for this concern has to do with the fact that Roma are aggressively reinforced but cannot be said defensively. Jalorossi got three (!) Goalkeepers and only Ivan Marcano, who probably can't do wonders for the defensive line. Will they be able to meet the demands of those who were in defense last year without new faces coming in and with Ningolan gone? It will look on the court. Where we will start, slowly, to see the Monchi Roma ...