Beats final…


The professor's column is freely available Hacker pays generously and systematically… 3ο series cashier with odds (5.53) and the party continues.

Do not expand it, let's go to the topic:

# Lecce hits finals, runs 6/6 victories in 3 of which it has not conceded a goal, it is difficult to lose the direct rise, it gives the maximum on the field; with good performances, SPAL chases the playoffs and will react.

# The rematch of the first round wants Brescia to be on a good moon, it comes from a demarcation of positive results; non-existent offensively, Pescara does not score away from home, not even with an own goal.

# Behind the ball, Strasbourg, under normal conditions, loses from half time; in the title race, Paris made fun of Munich, "celebrated" the Germans with 2 goals by Ebape, laid the foundations for qualifying for the semifinals of the Champions League.

# On the one hand, Parma is playing its existence in the category, it will come out with wild moods on the field; clearly superior size, Milan wants to return to the well-known performance standards, it sees a sheet.

# From a position of opposition, Stuttgart clearly wins in the last 3 home games with an overall score (8-1); Dortmund is not in a good momentum, it has issues in the defensive part, it counts only 1 victory in 6 official matches.

# Properly weighed the prices in the "El classic" without a clear lead, the teams experience a competitive upsurge… in the point Real M. and Barcelona go for goals from both sides της mirror the stadium.


Lecce - Spal
Brescia - Pescara
Strasbourg - Paris SG



Parma - Milan
Stuttgart - Dortmund
Real M. - Barcelona

goal / goal
TG 2-3
over 1.5