Hit form ... (TAMEIO - 4,46)


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# In freefall Nashville wants but can't, firmly in the relegation zone without a win in the last (4 defeats 1 draw) has managed to get just 1 points ... fixed value Sporting hit form runs 7 runsη place on the table.

# 2η Brest (+ 7) consecutive win over present shows 2η place in the standings ... 3 Orlando (11 goalscoring goals) wins by equal number of goals is a nature it can't statistically score.

# Guimaraes (4 win series 10-1) chasing Morirense at 5η place plays with european motivation ... at + 3 from the zone Aves runs 7 series under will look for the result.

# 4ο consecutive three-pointers the Los Angeles team has ideally started the season scoring 2 goals per game ... just as competitive as Houston on the field counting 4 series wins with over 2,5.

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Nacional - Sporting CP
Guimaraes - Aves
LA Galaxy - Houston

TG 2-3
over 2,5