CL phase of "16"

The favorites and the underdogs only appear on the pitch, but on the theoretical level there is always some data to make a draw a favor or the other. Pairs of three categories emerged from the draw. Firstly, those that could even exist in the final (Liverpool-Bayern, Atletico-Juve), secondly those with clear favorites (Lyon-Barca, Schalke-City) and thirdly those that are less commercial (Roma-Porto). But which groups are smiling and which are not?

Couples with clear favorites are given which groups were satisfied and which were not. Barcelona and Manchester City should… commit suicide to be excluded from Lyon and Schalke, respectively. There is a clear favorite - in theory - in the Ajax-Real Madrid pair, but if the two teams were entering the field at the moment, how easy would it be for the "queen" to cross the "Aiada" obstacle? The games will take place in late February and early March, so no one knows what condition the Real Madrid. However, because the analysis is currently being made and based on current data, O Ajax he is not alone against the European champions (this year there are no in the Bernabéu Ronaldo and Zidane) and has every reason to think he can make a surprise. He showed, after all, his drive towards Bayern.

A Bayern, which was probably the most unlucky of the lottery theorists. Last year's Champions League finalist, Liverpool, shows that it has even greater dynamics and quality compared to last season, unlike the Bavarians, who so far… are looking for. The German "machine" looks old and lacking in inspiration (on the bench and on the pitch), while its image in the group stage and in the Bundesliga is almost heartbreaking. The suspension of the German championship is mediated until February, while Liverpool is in the hunt for the first Premier League in its history. So the data then may be different, compared to the current.

Another behemoth and favorite - according to many - to win the Champions League, after the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo, can not feel… comfortable after the draw. THE Juventus would certainly want a lower-capacity opponent than the hard-core Atletico Madrid. Especially in the knockouts, the team of Cholo Simeone is a nightmare for anyone, even for the company of CR7. Granted, the "Big Lady" is the favorite of this couple, but her head can not have it and will probably spit blood to qualify for the octave. It should be noted that this year's final will be held at the "Rochiblancos" stadium. That alone says nothing, but it might be an extra incentive for Atletico players.

Another great couple is her Manchester United to PSG. And yet, strange as it may seem, based on the jersey and the history of the two teams, the French team is not only the favorite, but has every reason to feel relieved to hear its opponent. If you go back in time to the previous two seasons, Paris had faced in the "16" phase Barcelona (2017) and Real Madrid (2018). And in fact last year, the French came from the group of the strong and the "queen" from that of the weak. So, this year, meeting the "babies" looks like something like a gift for the Parisians. After all, so far, only the jersey is reminiscent of United. Maybe only this "something" of Mourinho in the knockouts will give hope to the English team, but how sure is it that until then the Portuguese coach will still be at Old Trafford?

The most "anti-commercial" couple is none other than her Roma to Porto, with Costas Manolas' team finding the most "fierce" opponent in the group of strongmen. Last year, the Romans faced Shakhtar at the same stage and saw the lottery smiling at them this year. Because the "dragons" may have been the team with the highest scoring in the group phase (16 points), but all the "powerless" wished for a knockout opponent. Why else Barca, Paris or City and Porto in another group.

In the end, her couple Tottenham to Dortmund is currently the only one that the chances of qualifying are at 50-50. The "strong" Borussia may feel a little unlucky, falling on the "helpless" Londoners, but the two games at Wembley and Westfalen may be the most impressive, based on goals and spectacle, in the "16" phase. Good to be until the end of February and enjoy mace in all the stadiums…