CL previews…


In theory he has the least chance and now he has to face one of the favorites of the competition, having qualified for Roma in a climate of refereeing. Her rival in the quarter-finals, Liverpool, just broke it last year: 5-0 overall score, with all goals coming in the first game. A game that was a counter-pressing masterpiece by Jurgen Klopp's players and Porto just couldn't do anything. The Portuguese are tied up this year though and Sergio Conceiso may choose to move future prospect Real Ener Militas from the center of defense to the right. This would allow him to retain Pepe and Felipe's experienced stoppers. Whatever the case, regardless of the changes in tactics, the odds are against them.


Tottenham is not the best 7 team they have left, they are in a better position. The next hurdle, however, is that of Manchester City, one of the most difficult to overcome. What is on their side at the moment, it seems, is the fact that there are no absences, that they are a relatively healthy group. After convincing Dortmund qualification despite the absence of key players in both games, Spurs are now available to everyone except Eric Dyer, who is still recovering from a muscle injury. Mauritius Poketino's team will face Manchester City three times in 11 days: two in the Champions League and one in the league. Both teams have goals in both competitions, so they face challenges such as rotation, tactical surprise and keeping their best players fresh as we go along when everything is judged. City has more depth on the bench to handle this.


After a mini-belly earlier in the season, which has led most pundits to see Ajax as a big underdog even in this year's Real Madrid edition, Eric Tenk's players have changed their minds. They dominated the Madrilen in both matches, leveling them with a total score of 6-2. They have won all their games since their unbeaten defeat by Alkmaar, maintaining pressure on Feyenoord in the championship battle. Ajax will not let Juventus hold on as much as Atletico Madrid left it in the rematch of its devastating clash with the Turinis. But while Masimiliano Allegri's team won't have much comfort to build from behind - the Dutch team is good at covering the edges to prevent shots - Matisse De Lich and Daly Blind have one of the toughest missions in Europe. football, after being called on to face Mario Mantzukic and Cristiano Ronaldo in the area.


Maybe we are generous. United have somehow qualified against Paris Saint-Germain and now have an extremely difficult mission against Barcelona. Ole Gunnar Solskj .r's team is not playing well lately and they have to face a team that seems impossible to lose, a team with the unstoppable Lionel Messi and the trained Luis Suarez. Fred will have a huge problem if Solskier uses him as the one to organize the game, given how badly he usually does when he is immediately pressured. United will have conditions for counter-attacks but will have to take advantage of the minimal opportunities that will be presented to them. Barcelona are good defensively in the transition, while the margin of error against them is basically negligible. United, however, have proved in Paris that they can be cynical with their few opportunities, even when they are with their backs to the wall. It's a hope…


In fact, the top-four on this list can have any ranking. Any team with Messi or Ronaldo will always have hopes of winning the title, even if they are created by players who will not be 100% of them. The challenge of Manchester United may be relatively comfortable for Barcelona, ​​but what follows can "stifle" it. No team has punished Barcelona for their mistakes during the season. Ernesto Valverde's team is taking a walk in La Liga and has done well in its biggest, so far, tests in the Champions League. Real and Atletico were unable to punish her for the mistakes / gifts she makes when you push her high, or for the gaps left by the side backs. Recently, Villarreal were ahead with two goals against a Barcelona full of defensive gaps, but failed to hold the lead. Manchester City, Liverpool or Juventus will be ruthless.


This is the turning point of the season, when it's really interesting to watch Juventus. They had fun with winning another championship and Allegri showed a really very remarkable gameplan to make the upset against Atletico Madrid in the "16" phase. You can't sleep against a talented team like Ajax, but Juve have a tight defensive structure, front options and big-time players who are thriving in the Champions League. That's why they should be able to put aside the poor image they present in the championship, when nights like these come. But this can also be optimistic. They had a hard time against Atletico in the first game, when they had to face the pressure. Ajax have shown that they can maintain such energy in two games (while Atletico will not) and will not be afraid even away from home. They will be a very good couple.


Liverpool were already among the favorites of the tournament. Now they have the easiest draw of the "8" phase and there is the comfort that Robertson can serve his sentence painlessly. Although there was concern about the Reds a while ago, while they were not impressive in the two matches against Bayern Munich, they are starting to rise at the right time. Santio Mane is really deadly at the moment and the rest of the team is rallying around him. They are ready.


It's not that City doesn't have a tough opponent to rule in this round. He's got. Tottenham, in theory, can rule out anyone in two games. But when you are the best, you are the best. And right now, Manchester City is equipped to go further than anyone given the talent, depth in the roster, regular flexibility. Tottenham may prove to be quite a difficult test, but City will probably qualify as a favorite. This Liverpool City duel, if it comes for a second consecutive year, will be unique. Pep Guardiola must conquer his kryptonite, who is Jurgen Klopp.