Saturday night again with Clasico and whoever wins will take a historic lead, with Barça chasing it 87 years and Real collecting triples and sixes in the last 10 years.

Luis Suarez had just imitated Anton Panenka and signed 0-3. At the Santiago Bernabeu, there was an end to the grave silence as everyone was afraid of the worst, bearing in mind recent crashes inside and outside their own palace. In the silence a loud voice was heard. "Well, let's get us six", shouted angrily and apparently ironically at his teammates Sergio Ramos. Eventually this did not happen. Copa del Rey's repeat semifinal stayed in that - anyway - heavy for the home side's scores, which saw the hated opponent write history with the sixth consecutive final in the institution.

Only the issue was no longer this, that is to say, exclusion, but the fear that has been reasonably created for the whole Queen's family. That defeat was not any defeat, but 95 in their derby. This meant that Clasico now came to the perfect balance with 95 wins for each and 51 draws. So as Saturday night (21: 45) have renewed their La Liga rendezvous, the big question is who will head to success.

It took 87 years for Barcelona to hope to overtake Real. For about nine decades the Madrilenes had the upper hand and the difference was so great that no one could imagine 16 years before this development in favor of the Blaugrana. It is noteworthy that at that time, 2003, Barca had just received 13 joys on 74 visits to all competitions in its opponent's husband. Since then she has managed to get less than double her previous life.

Specifically it counts 12 wins in 24 races there, but in the last 10 years it has become the absolute boss, having 10 wins. Indeed, some of them were more than impressive, such as 2's 6-2009, 0's 4-2015, 2-3 with last-minute Messi's goal, or 0-3 last season. This is how Barcelona is once again considered a favorite to undermine Bernabeu and head to their respective victories for the first time since the very distant 1932.

The truth is, however, that the Blaugrana does not burn for the three-point mark. If they get it, they will find it on + 12 and lock the title. It is enough for them not to lose in the first place and see the difference being reduced to + 6. They all look great in their own camp, even if they didn't play nice ball on Wednesday, stealing the derby in luck and cynicism. The biggest interest for Saturday is in the midst of the troubled Real. On 27 in February he was out of the cup, on 2 in March he plays his last hope in La Liga, and three days later he welcomes Ajax to the Champions League, with his image not convincing him that he has definitely passed ...