«Crazie silvio»

No matter ball. No past with football field, no administrative, shareholder relationship with any team. Just a longtime fan of Inter. He became the greatest president in the history of Milan's other Milan troupe. And from football he said he was playing politician, and was elected prime minister in Italy three times as party leader. Who;

The crap, the 'crazie Silvio'. The number one Silvio Berlusconi. A nasty clown, who is shamelessly publicly and formally cheating, and on 80files launches himself into a stallion of young girls, ponies and no.

1980, Italy's most important team, with the most titles, is relegated as a complicit in illegal betting. The team goes up to the First National, but relegates again, this time to the race. She is also indebted, because in order to return to the big championship she was spent on transfers while her income was reduced. Is the case reminiscent of ... Panathinaikos?

With Milan returning to the first category again, always in heavy debt, an English major is emerging. PAE goes bankrupt for bankruptcy. At this point, until today 20 February, 1986 is coming from the engine god. Born 1936 manufacturer and channelist Sylvia Berlusconi. The most successful, 20os in the series by Milan's 1899 president of the seven champions league. Only Real Madrid has more.

No plate. What Berlusconi did in Milan was a pilot in the global football industry. No plate. He was copied by all the first-rate clubs in Europe. That is how he managed Milan's revenue and budget. Mr Berlusconi, who brought in the Dutch champions Van Basten, Gulit, Raicart to Milan, also built the Milananello training center, which also became an example of rich UAE construction.

Karagioz Berlusconi, with financial scandals at his disposal, leader of the Forza Italia party won the 1994 election for the first time. 2004 and 2008 became prime ministers again. 2017 gave the Chinese package of shares.

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