The lions bite…


A strong team looks like Morocco that hasn't been defeated for a year and relies on Benatia for defense and El Kabbi for scoring. If it wants to steal one of the top two positions in the group from the Iberians, it must beat Iran today. The Iranians have neither the talent nor form of the Moroccans and have encountered racing and extra-terrestrial problems in the preparation that has certainly influenced the players.

Uruguay is coming down full and very optimistic about a good run in this World Cup and certainly better than Egypt which even if it starts with its big star, Salah, will probably be limited to a passive role. The South Americans want to start in the high-profile, Russia-friendly group at the premiere, and I expect them to win.

In Ireland Dundalk chases the title, has 7 consecutive wins with 24-4 goals and I don't expect to find much resistance from Derry. After all, in the recent past he has beaten Londonderry many times and even with big scores.


Morocco - Iran
Egypt - Uruguay
Derry City - Dundalk