The shop does not change its rotation…

PAOK's two sticky defeats from the village of Vidy have been wiped out by Buck all winter ... which Vidy friend. How many times did the goalkeeper catch Vidi in yesterday's bout with PAOK in Budapest? I counted only once. Maybe another time I was peeing. The next chance for the losing champion of Greece, when he does not make a shot, does not create an opportunity with a lower but more dangerous opponent.

Really, I was wondering how the PAOK players came out of the changing rooms. Go for a shoot in the amusement park, visit the Wax Museum, ride on the Danube. If so, then PAOK stays on the same moon. He is the well-known, the eternal PAOK.

It may not be all the players' responsibility. Because they fought without morals and self-centeredness, mostly without plan. They played with the system ... whatever it was. And as work comes.

It is clear that PAOK did not take the match seriously and did not… wake up with a chilled, disciplined opponent in its tactics. The Hungarian team granted freedom of movement to the opponent, and so perhaps PAOK continued the chark on the big river. And when the party was over, he was completely drenched, still dry.
It doesn't go like that. The shop does not change its fatalistic behavior. To expect one step further from the weakness of others, not from his own determination. And the championship to get PAOK will be the same if it gives the same image, as in Budapest's 1-0.

Disappointing. Worrying.