The ball has not entered…

We are not the jerk of the group waiting for prospect football and exciting and unforgettable games in the world. Next is to eat the railing in the map when the "32" has a mandrel. Groups for sadness. Hairdressers. Something Nigerians and Saudi Arabia. Peru and Morocco. Even solid teams, heavy names, favorites and underdogs are in for a kick. Something France and Argentina.

Okay the gambler doesn't care about the quality of the work. In his socks. He is interested in what he will bet if he does. Which will hit, if it checks the weak point of the book.

Putanas ball! In Russia's first three days only one of the eight matches stole the show. Portugal-Spain 3-3. Soccer football! The dishonest thing! Instead of rewarding the best team, Spain, which after the 3-2 chased the 4-2, took the "X" from the Portuguese thugs. Shame. The grandeur of… the ugliness of football. Portugal's European 2016 champion, coached by the complex, known by PAOK and national team Fernando Santos, the worst in feasibility football by Mourinho's compatriot, went on the field to score. And what happened, my dear? He scored 3 goals. He got a tie, thanks to Ronaldo's personal execution ability. Which in addition to the 3 goals, the 2 from the standstill, was absent.

We said. Didn't we say? Putanas ball! The more disadvantaged, you will see it solemnly in football. To know where we are betting, that is. In unreliable football. To the one who has no bees.

Which is the subject; We don't shop for hookahs. Of all the irrelevant media who rise to the top of the world because they view it as a celebration, as a body, and dress it and decorate it daily with gold dust, nothing to do with gambling.

Argentina, she says, went to Russia with high demands. To whom do they say this? Messi wants the world. They ask me what I want? I love the fava for a thousand, not the favorites of the sundials. Don't get me stunned. We've said it. Argentina will probably get it. Why not. Like Germany and Brazil. However, brainwashing is forbidden. Launch them as favorites. Another fava, which really has its secrets and will be revealed by Argiro Barbarigou and Akis Petretzikis. There are no secrets in football. Don't look for it. We only play with the obvious.