Switzerland has no bees ...


Argentina's top runner-up (due to Messi) has so far wiped out all the paper ... to see Brazil today.

World Cup ... group phase:

# Difficult to do 2η Brazil continuous runs 12 undefeated match (5 / 6 zero passive) will easily and with a difference of goals, to score the "heavy cards" Paulinio, Coutinho, Neymar, Zeus. The same eleven as the premiere… pure outsider Costa Rica is hard to pin down.

# Nigeria - Iceland High Risk Pair Properly Sharing Set of Odds, Here Chi Won't Fit Anyone Tighten The Group Both Will Watch Their Thing As This Ends ...

# Tight on all lines, Serbia (6 / 9 under) beat Costa Rica in the details if it does not lose today qualifying ... Switzerland has no Bosnian coach plus 5 players of Albanian origin all key. I am not likely to move to a low score.

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Brazil - Costa Rica
Serbia - Switzerland

1 & O 2,5
during 2,5