Derby for "2" and DNB aces 

Asian bet

How much a coach and his ambitions can affect how his team handles each match is something that needs special attention. Mourinho, for example, did not snub the League Cup, after all, Tottenham does not have countless trophies. Solskier won the League Cup, however, even last year when he was between a hammer and an anchor United, strangely he treated it as coastal. Now that he's playing for a title? He does not even see it I think. At 1,95 her victory City and her qualification to the final.

Unlikely to be played Milan underdog in "San Siro" even if her opponent is Juventus. Obviously 1-3 can come. Juventus is not Avellino or Ascoli. 'Vekia Signora' is. But here we are talking about a champion, undefeated Milan. With psychology at its zenith. And it is not only the Rossoneri who have problems, the absences on both sides. Certainly eligible 1 in Asian +0 (essentially 1 DNB) at 2,15.

Η AEL could also win with PAOK. This is the truth. Let no one dwell on the Ferelpi Pinaka or anything individual, but on the team effort, the passion for a result that the maroons show. THE PAS Of course, he is not an opponent or an easy obstacle, but with the psychology elevated and the form they showed against the biceps of the north, the Thessalians will hardly be defeated. And the favoritism of PAS offers the opportunity for 1 DNB which also offers security and 2,15 not at all negligible performance.


AEL - PAS Giannina
Milan - Juventus
Man Utd - Man City

1 A / H (+0)