Double dashboard…

This year's Olympic double bet is a bet. He has to cope with the Champions League games and make the effort to return to the top at home competitions. Bet, in fact, on those that will be relevant to the season. For the Martins team, it is advisable to take as many breaths as possible from rotation to competition and from opponent to opponent within the walls.

Reds are the only representatives of Greek football in European cups and in fact the fact that only those in European cups makes "internal competition" has different characteristics than usual, since PAOK and AEK, the two teams which in theory have the same goals in home competitions in recent years, they will have the comfort of one match per week, preparation, rest and so on, as Olympiacos until the break Winter in mid December will almost gives then two matches a week.

If he continues his performances like Tottenham Hotspur and even passes to Europa's "32" as a third, the program will become even more lively with the re-launch of European competitions in late February!

Of course, Olympiacos did some serious transcription work this year and gained depth on the bench, at the roster. Great importance was also given to this area. It has the vibrant potential that offers it the opportunity for continuous rotation.

On the other hand, the competition has the AEK that is by no means the depth of the Olympic roster, but has already changed coach and is raising rates, improving qualitatively. PAOK, with a roster, has strong leadership, but the unexpected change of technical leadership came back this summer, but the current lineup and technical team seem capable of climbing to the level Olympiakos has set for his battle. championship.

From below, however, the chaos. From the few seasons this year that any prediction for teams that will claim Europe and those that will play for salvation is so risky that it can expose you at any time!