See Ch. League you ... (TAMEIO - 5,30)


Hello my friends,

Champions League week, however, which is also very interesting in the midweek Championship and League One games, where we will also base our current betting unit.

Hull hosts Norwich and the odds are a gift, as the home side are in the 23 position, with the guests in the top spot and looking quite formidable lately and I believe they will easily or hardly get the win.

There is also a difference of power between Leeds and Reading, with the home side having dropped their performance in relation to the start of the league, but it is no better team than the visitors and this difference I believe will be a catalyst as well. Leeds will get the win. Also Leeds has all the players ready to fight, unlike Reading, which has many absences.

Derby are expected at Sheffield Wednesday-Bolton with the two teams eagerly looking for a victory that will give them a breather in view of their stay in the league. I think the home side have a slight lead because of the home side and will be able to win and sink the visitors even further.

Southend, after three consecutive defeats, has no other chance of losing and, against Scunthorpe, is looking for its own… atonement that will bring it back on track. The two teams are close, but because of both the home side and the thirst for victory the home side will be able to conquer it.

A pioneer and clearly superior to Portsmouth than Walsall, he is likely to have no problem getting the win, as he plays at home, taking another step towards his return to the Championship.

Shrewsbury and Plymouth are not much of a difference as teams, but Plymouth is at home and in the right mindset, I believe it will get the win that will raise them psychologically and in a crucial moment in the league, at the moment.


Hull - Norwich
Leeds - Reading
Sheffield W. - Bolton



Southend - Scunthorpe
Portsmouth - Walsall
Shrewsbury - Plymouth