Free gift…

What can Ajax do to qualify against PAOK if it does not fill its bag with millions? We say things as they are and we do not blame them ματα speech patterns and aerologies to impress. A funny little package awaits Ajax if it qualifies with the rematch match against PAOK. What can Ajax, 25 and 30 million, do to him if he enters the Champions League groups, when he wrote a account of 170 million from the sales of his footballers.

PAOK won the championship and strengthened in transfers. He emptied out players he did not need and acquired others he deemed necessary. The big surprise would be to give the champion player a key player of last season and to whom he continued to bet. PAOK is not ξ Ajax that first of all and above all puts the financial profit. First this and then the strengthening of the team. And then even the ριση qualification in Europe!

Before coming to Thessaloniki, last week Ajax sold another player of his amazing lineup last season. To play again in the groups but not to have to sell is a failure for Ajax. And the naive will ask: Why does Ajax give players to Real and Barcelona, ​​that is, to clubs with higher competitive goals? That is, players who, in order to be necessary in teams aiming for the champions league, therefore have a place with their eyes closed in the Dutch team.

Because Ajax does not aim at race discrimination, but to sell players who show off their skills with their shirts. No, of course, that he is not interested in being distinguished in Europe, but that lifting the mug is a free gift if it does not fall. And the mortar comes with the concession of players.

Ajax academies work more well-organized than their professional team. Infrastructure departments are staffed by age-appropriate trainers and trainers and operate a regular production facility, more aptly talented, selected not only by the Netherlands and its former colonies. Scout net hugs four continents ..