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After the last box office, I return with a strong duo from the German and South Korean championships. So good news, as we will not only have to guess the appetites of Belarusian friends anymore and our betting options will start to increase over time. So let's see what the menu will have for Saturday, starting with the first time bunch from South Korea.

Sangzhou - Gangwon

A nightmarish start for Sangzhou at home to Ulsan, where they were defeated by the state with the score 4-0. She was not as bad as the final score shows, she had marginal possession, she made chances without scoring but her defense was in a black mess. I think there will be a reaction but I do not know with this defensive image what luck will have against Gangwon.

On the other hand, now the guests started with the foot pressed on the accelerator, winning 3-1 against Seoul, making a very good appearance. He showed tremendous quality while maintaining the possession at very high levels and with a terrible cynicism he gritted his teeth at the capitalists who were limited to the role of compass in the game.

Here goes. Starting diameters on the contrary. Impressions and substance with the Gangwon side and in addition the empty stands in the home of the hosts make their job even more difficult. I consider the double at 2.10 satisfactory.

Eintracht Frankfurt - Gladbach

I think the break would be good for Eintracht, helping them overcome the shock of the treble at home to Basel for the Europa League. It was not a good moon and I think the interruption will work positively for a well-worked ensemble aggressively but with several weaknesses in the rear. It should be noted that the motivation is high because with a victory he takes a deep breath in terms of relegation, something that no one wants to think about in Frankfurt.

On the opposite bank, Gladbach is having a great year at all levels. Seriously defensively and exceptionally attacking, he will only play for the victory, something that will keep him at least in the privileged fourth place that leads to the qualifiers of the Champions League. Let's say that the interruption found the Bavarians in good momentum and there is a question mark about what condition they will be in after the interruption.

So in the first round, at the headquarters of Gladbach, we saw a match with the winner the Bavarians and a score of 4-2. I'm waiting to see something similar now. They are both attacking teams and will give their all to score. I will take my risks and bet on Over 3,5 which is at 2.60 a performance that I consider to have excellent value.

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Sangju Sangmu vs Gangwon
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Gladbach

Over 3,5