The last boss ...

It's been exactly 20 years since 27 February 1999, when Aston Villa hosted Coventry for a game of English Premier League. The "Blue Skies" left Villa Park with 1-4 on that day which has already been forgotten by most of the attendees at the historic Birmingham Stadium.

The game that was judged by two goals by Aloisi and two more by George Boateng, however, has remained in the history of world football for another reason. Villa boss John Gregory on that day had lined up for their home side: Oaks - Watson, Southgate, Dublin, Grayson - Simeka, Wright, Henry, Merson - Taylor, Joachim. Does anyone notice anything unusual? No; Well ... Well, this was 55's first time in the Premier League when one team listed only English players in its 11ada. And it has been the last since.

Never again in the 20 years that have passed until today has the English top flight team played a championship game with a purely English 11 squad! John Gregory was the last boss to dare! Indeed, all three of his changes that day were English, Draper, Barry, Colmore. And that team remained in history, not for its achievements, but as a landmark of total domination of globalization and of chauvinistic English football!

But what happened to English football? Poorer or richer than these changes? The teams from the Island have long been the main protagonists of European competitions. A United with the old and Fergie deservedly represented the island, as a paratrooper a Leeds later, sparse and where Uwe's Liverpool at UEFA and that was all. From then on, however, suicides increased.

With Abramovich's Chelsea, Arab City, Liverpool's cousins ​​now, Tottenham's Jews and so on. The money has gone up, the best of all the world has been attracted, the level has gone up a lot, and the Euro successes have increased, or at least the overseas players have, since in the current 16ada of the Champions League, let's say all the qualifying (United, City, Liverpool and Tottenham have already got it).

At home, though? For 20 + years there has been a Leicester as the exception that confirms a rule. Who says that the league on the island has ceased to be claimed by Leeds, Everton, the CCP and even Tottenham and Newcastle, which once had English foundations in their roster and hit titles. Beyond City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea, there are no teams capable of breaking the three-speed system. Not even the mighty Londoners (Tottenham-Arsenal) who are now confined to claiming four.

Because 20 years after the last game of a "full english 11" team in the English Premier League, "title" is for the 16 / 20 teams to place in the top four. And the champion trophy, case for four. No;…