Has better presses ...


Let's go to Friday's warm-up:

# Galata's only paper favorite has not been able to score in the 3 more recently… against Tamaspor, Sivaspor runs unbeaten 5 racing (2 wins and 3 draws) delivering maximum on the field.

# Attractive Trojan batsman has better taps on the pitch possibly 'clearing' him from the half ... open fan Le Mans defense easily concedes a goal (3 passive 9 goal passive).

# Couple on Stomach Stones in Eintracht Fr. - Leverkusen's image base will have goals on either side ... both are aggressively scoring and scoring inside out as much as possible.

# Competitive set Muskron comes out in character (3-2-0) ... a speed on all lines of the pitch Club Brugge "moves on a triple board" plays inside out the victory.

# Out of power Chitantela runs 4 wins in the last five races chasing the most upwards ... without winning the championship, Kozentzha is hard to beat.

# Open to any possibility Cadiz - Las Palmas are both in full form counting 4 wins each expected to score a minimum of once in the match.

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Troyes - Le Mans
Eintracht Fr. - Leverkusen
Cittadella - Cosenza

goal / goal


Galatasaray - Sivasspor
Mouscron - Club Brugge
Cadiz - Las Palmas

TG 2-3
goal / goal
over 2,5