We have a derby in London… (FUND - 5,29)


Hello my friends,

Another day where there are mid-week racing obligations for Premier League teams, with the continuation of 28 racing, with the London derby standing out in the program.

Arsenal welcomes Bournemouth and is the absolute favorite to win, as it is a much better team, while feeling the ... breath of Manchester United, which threatens to take away the ticket to the Champions League next season. Bournemouth are also coming down with several absences, something that will definitely play its part, while in the first round, Arsenal had won with 1-2.

Liverpool welcome Watford and after the final results, will start from the beginning to claim the three points, with just one point ahead of second-placed Manchester City. Klopp's team is likely to clear the game in the first half and earn three points, which it did in the first round when it won in November with the impressive 0-3.

Of course, the game that stands out is none other than the London derby between Chelsea and Tottenham. Sari's team may not be at their best, but in the final of the EFL Cup it proved to be a tough nut and not easy to give up. Considering that it is also a local derby, it should not be ruled out that the game ends in a tie.

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