Headquarters, combo and double κο (CASH - 4.84)

Asian bet

Half of the Atalanta players play for the overtime and the other half to "shine" at Real and sting transcripts! The match has a favorite of course, but Atalanta can score and thanks to the score of the first match will chase the goal. Amfiskoro and Over 2,5 in combo for 1,78.

Empoli gels in the tie but today has a huge opportunity to break this informal curse. Pontonone plays decimated and the ace has increased chances of confirmation. At 1,53 the ace.

For the cup semifinal in Turkey Besiktas welcomes Basaksehir. Knockout matches. In the championship in November at the same stadium the match had ended 3-2 and today blood and sand game is expected as well. The ambiguous at 1,78.

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Real M. - Atalanta
Besiktas - Basaksehir
Empoli - Pordenone

G / G & O2,5
G / G