Headquarters, form and delivery…


After the Nationwide outage we are back to normal.

Let's go to Friday's values:

# The ace of Paris is considered normal, he counts 4/5 victories inside, he scores 2 goals per game… bad mess defensively, Satoru before the break counted 2 consecutive defeats with 8 passive goals.

# 10 points in the 4 most recent has been gained by Troyes after the disastrous start seems to be pressing hard on the field; without a victory in the last 6, Soso has managed to score only 2 times.

# The first favorite to rise is Mets (8 wins in 10 games) rightly figures in the penthouse of the table, it will be easy or difficult to reach the desired… at -4 away from the quartet, Nior will hardly overtake.

# Home, form and tradition are overwhelmingly in favor of Eintracht, indicatively before the break they counted 3/3 victories with a goal ratio (10-3)… tail in the category Fortuna does not score even from the white ball.

# At -7 from the promotion group, Ponte Preta 7 turns before the final shows in good condition, wins 2 goals inside and out εξω out of place and time, Figirense completed 7 matches without a three-pointer.

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Paris FC - Chateauroux
Eintracht Fr. - Fortuna D.
Ponte Preta - Figueirense



Troyes - Sochaux
Metz - Niort