Headquarters, form, motivation and delivery… (FUND - 4,45)


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# Brest clear-cut favorite to top all lines in 17 races at L1 has just been defeated 1 once - under normal circumstances he is expected to clear it with concussions ... nothing special Soso scores in 3 matches.

# In the first 3 round of the table, Gladbach has a dynamite headquarters and the 8 series win-rate series (23-3) ... with a recent 2 account of recent defeats for Augsburg hard to threaten at this stage.

# Headquarters, motive form and delivery are in favor of Mainz, 10b. from the zone wants the three point for obvious reasons ... no luck in the category Nuremberg has definitely touched the 12 matches without a win.

# Effective in the final effort, Sampdoria scores inside out systematically and consistently, cleans up the laundry Kualiarella ... Udinese has no ups and downs in her performance.

# Full Attack Couple Hercules -Clean Image Base First Fortune in Over 2,5 ... no big difference teams will look for the result that this entails.

# Fighting it Panionios will not fall unharmed ... in the bay of 2th where AEK runs 6 unbeaten match wins 3 indefinitely without conceding a goal (xNUMX-12) .. "loads" the double.

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Brest - Sochaux
Gladbach - Augsburg
Mainz - Nuernberg



Sampdoria - Udinese
Heracles - Zwolle
Panionios - AEK Athens

goal / goal