Headquarters, cons and G / G… (CASH - 5.64)


The u Bournemouth, he also had a good face in the away match against Blackburn. Key players return and unimaginably strengthen Woodgate's team. THE Coventry after all, it is in a negative momentum and defensively it is everywhere. The ace at 1,70.

Η Manchester City has only one huge goal, the Champions League. THE premiere he's got. It has been locked for a long time, after all. The standard remains. He faces tonight with changes for breaths, extended rotation, the Leeds of Bielsa, which comes from two victories and if it continues its series, it goes into the bay to "ask" for a European ticket. The surprise is not unlikely, the Asian +1,5 for Leeds (won even with a defeat in the goal) at 1,93 excellent choice despite the risk!

The mind in Madrid and the upcoming rematch with Real has the Liverpool. Not that he will leave the match with Villa, after all, Europe is being played to the point where it has reached its deformation. THE Aston Villa has the goal, no stress and aspirations of Europe. The ambiguous at 1,72.

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Bournemouth - Coventry
Man City - Leeds
Liverpool - Aston Villa

A / H 2 (+1,5)
G / G