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# Prehistory and timing advocate a victory for Altach remains to be seen in practice, indicatively in the first 3 games showed that it easily finds a home (ter.7-3)… one of the same players Wacker the match is in its measure will move accordingly .

# 2 defeats in an equal number of games, Mouscron will fight to stay in the category; in full performance, the "double" of Antwerp started the season with zero liabilities (victory and draw against Charleroi and Kortraik respectively) chasing a place in the playoffs.

# The super tradition of Eindhoven (22 aces in a row) leaves no room for second thoughts, however recently in the Super Cup they lost 7-6 on penalties to Feyenoord… it is not a negligible amount Utrecht will look for the goal of honor.

# In the playoffs, Portland is running an unbeaten streak of 15 games with 7 wins and 3 draws at home undoubtedly has the first reason for the three-pointer; it is difficult to threaten Vancouver at this stage.

# 1 win in the last 10 New England continues to struggle with its appearances but scores satisfactorily… good goal frequencies on the part of Philadelphia had a cup game in the middle of the week there is extra fatigue prevailed with 3-0.

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Mouscron - Antwerp
Eindhoven - Utrecht
Portland - Vancouver

over 2,5
over 2,5


Altach - Wacker
New Eng. - Philadelphia